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  1. whiz


    finally someone recognizes me for my religion
  2. whiz

    Centran conspiracy theory

  3. whiz

    Centran conspiracy theory

    more evidence people, don’t let the communist transgender furry cult try to silence us from EXPOSING THEM http://imgur.com/Fd4HE81 dont know how to post picture on mobile because newfag forum skills but this evidence is still compelling! UP NEXT: sweetrock hates lower class society members ——————————————- BREAKING NEWS: SWEETROCK EXPOSED!!! sweetrock = a name with the hidden meaning for crack, calling it a “sweet” rock. you know who smokes crack? @Clara besides HER THOUGH?! homeless people! HOMELESS PEOPLE DO! sweetrock carries this name spreading the name of crack smoking no jobbed homeless people around sG. Publicaly discriminating their name. Onviously this evidence might be too hardball hitting for some people, but look at the facts people.
  4. whiz

    Centran conspiracy theory

    @centran everyone knows and loves “them” but do you really know the real centran? did you know that centran is a communist furry transgender? let me break down the facts for you. first let’s start with their name “centran” it’s actually a secret code to identify themselves. C[ommunist] E[621] (a furry porn site) Tran[sgender]. more image proof coming soon: phones about to die
  5. whiz

    happy valentines day!

    let’s just say I need a new bottle of jergens
  6. whiz

    Happy birthday Spider!

    happy birthing
  7. whiz


    sup guys basic info: - 18 - male - toe fetish - PVT in the US Army (13J Fire Control Specialist [Artillery Fire Mission Processing] - no pc rn because I just got to my first unit and duty station here at fort Carson - sweetrock is Donald trump im pretty active on the forums and discord so you can catch me there talking about stuff and getting #stopbullying by beerman
  8. whiz

    happy valentines day!

    Humphrey <3 edit: heart for valentines
  9. whiz

    Nostalgia Attack

    I remember staying late at night for the Pokemon soulsilver/ heart gold launch. The night I got the damn game I booted it up and fell asleep naming my fucking totodile (I think that’s how you spell it)
  10. whiz

    Nostalgia Attack

    In my opinion Halo Reach had the most simple and fun forge to make custom games, you really had to rely on your actual creativity to make maps just like in anything before reach. Now they have scripting and all this shit which yes can allow map makers to create more advanced games but it just doesn’t feel the same as it did when making maps in reach/3 4 words: super smash bros melee
  11. whiz

    top 3 favorite movies

    -step brothers -superbad -sharkboy and lavagirl These three movies can keep me entertained for fucking ever.
  12. whiz

    Nostalgia Attack

    let me have my moment me and my friends actually had a LAN party recently before I left for the army back in summer of 2018 played some halo, I played WoW for the first time, and a whole lot of other games like csgo sure not all of the games were directly “lan” connected games but you get the jist literally had our whole setups moved over to my friends house and we spent the night for a whole week shit was awesome
  13. whiz

    Nostalgia Attack

    Anyone else got any nostalgic memories? Thought about making this post after blurting it out on discord. I would say my “good old days” were when I was around 11 in 2011 of course, and I would come home from middle school, sit down in front of my tv in this specific lounging chair, turn on my Xbox to hear that *WEEEURRMP* loadup sound, as the Xbox logo flew around the tv screen. On my dashboard I would see everyone online playing halo reach, mw2, halo 3, Minecraft, and etc. Halo reach is what I would call my childhood game, I made so many friends in the Xbox and one of them is one of my closest friends to this day. We played living dead on halo reach, fucked around in forge, played/hosted game nights with a full lobby of random people we just met. Played the campaign dozens of times on legendary with all skulls on. Not even just halo, we used to play mw2 just screaming at kids like myself, but had a good time. Times were so much simpler...
  14. whiz

    New donation from Dark Fry

    *insert picture of mimic running with a bag full of dabloons*
  15. whiz

    Lax JB

    throwback to the post he made with the theme music i think it was about longcat