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  1. Heinkel He-111

    Myst Game Series

    The sad thing is Cyan sold the rights to Myst 3 Exile and Myst 4 Revelations to Presto and Ubisoft. Myst 3 was a well deserved trilogy with it's soundtrack composed live with vere little added sounds. And Myst 4, well it's the most difficult game in the series I think but the soundtrack is also really good.
  2. Heinkel He-111

    SurfRPG Shop, weapon colors

    Ah, okay. Thanks alot.
  3. Heinkel He-111

    Dealing with Hackers

    Okay, thanks alot!
  4. Heinkel He-111


    Guten Tag.
  5. Heinkel He-111

    top 3 favorite movies

    WALL-E was a favourite childhood movie for me. While the Star Wars saga is amazing. But I did also love Ballad of Buster Scruggs on netflix, it's really good because it tells 4 stories and each of them convey a different feeling.
  6. Heinkel He-111

    Dealing with Hackers

    How do you guys deal with hackers, do you get everyone to report them to get them VACed or do you just block them from the server like they never came. I don't know if this info is classified but, just wanted to know.
  7. I had enough credits to get the weapon color of cyan. Anyone know how it works because it hasn't showed up.
  8. Heinkel He-111

    Favorite Horror Movie

    What is your favorite horror movie. If so, what made it so creepy.
  9. Heinkel He-111


    Danke sehr for all of you for welcoming me, can't wait to apply and become apart of this community.
  10. Which do you prefer. Modern fighter jets or WWII Fighters and Bombers?

    If so which one?

  11. Heinkel He-111

    Getting out of Silver CS Competitive.

    Oh, danke schön. I'll look forward to joining you guys then.
  12. Heinkel He-111

    Myst Game Series

    I had recently played Myst 3 to Myst 5, as well as Obduction on Steam so since they were on huge sale. They were all pretty good but I remember Riven as one of my favorites because we had the multiple CDs. Also that the soundtrack on some of the games are incredible. I always loved going back and reading about the story and seeing how what I did, affected the big picture Got a favorite Age?
  13. Heinkel He-111

    Getting out of Silver CS Competitive.

    Anyone want to que with me, im Silver II and I cant seem to get out of it. Always with team members being fools.
  14. Heinkel He-111

    Myst Game Series

    Has anyone ever played the Myst series the adventure puzzle game, ive played them all and if anyone want to talk about it?
  15. Heinkel He-111


    I defiantly like some aircraft from games, like the ships from Halo are pretty cool. And the star fighters from Star Wars are pretty awesome as well.
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