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  1. that's the vote i'm talking about, not the rtv. it'd be cool if it were extended to 3:00-5:00
  2. i think the time between the nextmap vote and the map end should be extended. feels like it interrupts you mid-run way too often. something like 4 or 5 minutes before map end would feel a lot better.
  3. Map Name: surf_happyhands Server: skill surf FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://gamebanana.com/maps/160707 Reason for addition/deletion: fun, a solid t2, and a medium length map. wr run:
  4. it's a great movie. it's like the hateful eight set in the 60s
  5. first man. not the most accurate but the atmosphere was exceptional
  6. yup i felt the same. there's a lot of dialogue so when the actual conflicts happen it seems so fast it makes you feel like you're out of your element. their rapport is exceptional. plus it has one of the funniest, most absurd scenes i've seen. when the dude first meets maude. that jump scared me and it just becomes totally awkward as the dude just wants the rug and nothing to do with her. haven't seen it, but it's been on the watch list for a long time. maybe i'll finally get around to it. kill bill was sick. the whole crazy 88 fight was tight. that inglourious basterds scene was a huge "oh shit" moment. but the beginning scene really fucked me up for a couple days. still a great movie i haven't seen aliens in a long time but i did see sicario a couple years ago. it had some awesome scenes like the border one and that ending scene but i didn't particularly like the movie. the plot felt too slow and never really grabbed me. i wasn't paying a lot of attention though and i wanted to see the new one. i bet if i rewatch it i'll like it more.
  7. i'm curious to hear, what are your top 3 favorite movies and your favorite scene from each? they don't need to be in any particular order
  8. ocean

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    not trying to belabor the subject but i think 100 armor would be most fair. ct's won't get aimpunched to hell when getting shot and a good nade would only deal 40ish instead of 90-an instant kill. t's still get the advantage of 1 shotting with pistols. glock basically always does 100 in 10 to body with or without armor while people usually aim for the head with ct pistols. and having a helmet only benefits the first few minutes because late into the round t's usually opt for awps, autos, or aks in the armory.
  9. ocean


    hi i'm ocean. i play surf and kz but nobody really sees me because i play late at night/early in the morning. i'm into competitive cs but haven't played super seriously in a long time. and i enjoy movies and tv so i'm always down for discussion about anything related to that, provided i've seen it. it was also sort of jarring how nontoxic the people on sg are, staff and otherwise. so that's nice.
  10. if you were on ps4 i was gonna suggest god of war because that game is super cinematic. the online is real 50/50. some love it but it's a little barebones as of right now. no minigames or trapper. which means no crafting better gear; just selling perfect pelts for more money. the online story is fun but short. there's a lot of focus on freeroam missions that players can intercept what you're doing like in gta 5.
  11. ocean

    editing genius

    all pretty good. reminds me of nikkyyhd
  12. super good. absolutely a journey. chapters 1 and 2 are mostly tutorial so i wouldn't feel bad about playing fast through those. if you're wanting cinematic then this game has endless moments for that. are you playing on xbox or ps4?
  13. Map Name: surf_elites_v2_fix Server: surf server FPSBanana/DL Link (if adding): https://gamebanana.com/maps/196392 Reason for addition/deletion: it's a short tier 1 map that is challenging and has a bunch of fast twisty turns that are enjoyable to surf through
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