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  1. Muddykips


  2. Muddykips


    I here by announce that bouch is a mother fucking bitch
  3. im from vegas but sorry to say i havent seen this girl anywhere
  4. Im apart of the 1% of the population who hasnt seen a single game of thrones episode
  5. Happy birthday trucka
  6. wait why is dark falcon ze advisor he doesnt even play ze But congrats I guess
  7. Is this the first big sG event of 2019????
  8. I feel like 30 refs is way to much for recruitment tbh
  9. Today is the giveaway Cut off time to join the giveaway is 6:00pm Today we will find out the winner and hopefully be able to get them there item by today if not then tomorrow Remember the giveaway preparation starts at 7:00pm and we will probably find out the winner by 7:30pm all western time
  10. Muddykips


    fanserver trying to get that free post in
  11. @Dark Fry happy valentines day I just wanna let you know that you're the coolest guy I have ever met on Ze @AristocratHappy valentines day hopefully you get SO but ur still the biggest bot @FanServiceHappy valentines day congratulations on getting SO even tho you got it like a week ago @fps_truckaHappy valentines day and thank you for all you're hard work on Ze And happy valentines day to everyone ps: sorry to all the people I might of annoyed lately "cough cough" beerman
  12. Ok srry i typed something here but it was dumb so i deleted it pls forgive me
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