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  1. !Congratz everyone!
  2. @SpartanSakaroI think I'm signed up already?? Excited ^.^
  3. I lose brain cells every time i hear/see you talk. Really though. This guy isn't even in sG and has been trolling since he joined the discord. I don't know why he is still here or why people take him even semi-seriously.
  4. Okay maybe I'll actually say stuff. @LindsayLoo Happy V day. You always make ttt (and w/e else we're playing) super fun. Even though you go through stuff outside of sG, you still keep this bubbly personality that makes you so likeable and you lift everyone's spirits. @daniel_ Happy V day, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in sG. you and @KiD Fearless (Happy V day fearless!) were the first people I met. I remember playing KZ-endo years and yearrrrrs agoooo and having so much fun along with @krony (Happy v day!) and the other bhoppers on sg-bhop. After I applied, I then met these idiots @Sakarra @vexer (Happy vday!) along with @BabyNicol3 (Happy v day!). Nicole was so sweet and nice to me the first few times we met, it honestly helped me to actually use my mic more. As well as @Bluestreakid15 @spiderpigrider and all the other genuine people in the Nicole squad. Y'all are part of the toxic squad and half the time can be annoying but you guys are fun to play with, especially when playing outside of sG servers when you arent getting into arguments with people and there isn't any drama. @Nau @just reX Happy v day. @fps_trucka Happy v day. Apex is hella fun playing with u @Don Juan Happy v day! You're super nice and fun to play comp with. Too bad you live across the globe and one of us will always have shit ping. @Muddykips Happy v day! you're so young and innocent, I wish I could shield you from sG LMFAO @sweetrock Happy V dayyyyy! Everyone always says stuff about you, but sG wouldn't be sG without you, and you make it a lot more fun and interesting. @nothing_but_fail ur so stupid LOL fun convos Happy v day And all u oldfags @Beerman @Travesty @porknchili are great to talk about music with and just have stupid convos in general. Along with this loser @centran. Y'all are immature af but in a mature way. Happy valentines day everyone!!! I honestly probably forgot a lot of people. I'm tired af, had 5 hours of sleep and just got back from class. I've only been here in sG for a little bit, but y'all make the stressful-ness(?) of life a bit more bearable. Thanks everyone!
  5. @Clara Happy Valentines day! You suck and have no friends
  6. Clara

    Nostalgia Attack

    IMO halo 3 forge was crazier and a ton better. You had to know so many tricks and work 100x as hard to make something really cool. Reach made it ridiculously ez and took a lot of the skill out. I remember sitting in halo 3 forge for hours saving, exiting, starting new round, editing object properties, etc.
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