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  1. Alright so Im trying to revive the TTT server on GMod. Please join.
  2. Ooh I got a second page, DAB DABB DAB Spartan it won't appear when I search you on steam.
  3. WHAT IS A BEERMAN? Is he a kool-aid man? Just kidding
  4. Thanks everyone who recently replied. I dont know how much times Im gonna type this but, yeah. Also thanks TheWaffler for answering my question.
  5. What are RO's I FEEL STUPID NOW
  6. Thanks for the welcomes! Also, Ironic I don't have friends... That play GMOD. But if one of my friends get it I will be sure to tell them to join the TTT servers often.
  7. Thank you I thank both of you lmao it looks like im saying thank you to just Beat
  8. YO WHATS GOOD CARDBOARD SCRUBS. I am Cardboarddog, I play on the GMOD TTT Servers. sG is actually one of the least toxic servers I have been on. I have been playing Gmod for a while now. So I know how much toxic servers exist. sG is also the most amazing server on the planet. BYE CARDBOARD BOXES.
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