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  1. Retuzy

    Verniy's Application [PENDING]

    Didn't put me on the Referrals List and don't know how anything works EZ YES 2/30
  2. Retuzy

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge 2019

    R.I.P All but 3 brackets
  3. Retuzy

    Happy birthday DarkFalcon

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Retuzy


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy Birthday @fps_trucka. Thanks for all you do for the servers (mainly ZE) you big goof.
  5. Retuzy

    ZE Skin Vote

    Since for the most part we have decided to have a monthly skin lets have a vote on it. Also If we should have skins in the store. This is ZE we are weebs, so yes there is mostly weeb skins.
  6. Retuzy

    CS:GO Bhop Whitelist

    UserName: sG | Fanservice [SO] Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheeFanService/ GameMe URL: http://sg.gameme.com/csgo12 Reason for wanting whitelist: Cause me bhop and because I don't know if I have WL as SO (And probably don't) Why should you get whitelisted: Because Fearless is big hacker Referrals: Maybe KiD Fearless, Maybe Daniel, Maybe even Clara Favorite style: W-Only, Normal Average SSJ(Speed of sixth jump): 600-610 Yes this request is legitimate
  7. Retuzy


    As dead as the Rust server
  8. Where my honorable mention for letting @Sean win
  9. Retuzy


    This is still going jeezers
  10. Retuzy

    Hey wats good guys!!!

    A fellow ZE enthusiast. Nice video Welcome to the forums
  11. Retuzy


    Welcome Akagi
  12. Retuzy

    Happy Birthday

    10 Days Early
  13. Retuzy

    :YeahBoi: - Battleship Tournament.

    I'll be there
  14. Retuzy

    New donation from MistaChang

    Chang having money to spare...wow Thanks Sester
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