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  1. There was also this
  2. Personally I use a corsair but if you don't want a mechanical keyboard maybe this keyboard would work https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/accessories-and-monitors/keyboards-and-mice/keyboards/KB-MICE-BO-Lenovo-300-USB-Keyboard/p/GX30M39655
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    im a ze player and I want admin for drug command
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    Give Away

    I mudkips told me free skins
  5. The sG zombie escape server's settings are kind of messed up right and no one has really said anything on the forums, so I was wondering if their was some sort of backup, where the settings aren't weird. If you go on to the server you'll see what I mean, the humans are just way to slow making it so doing something like a crouch jump is hard. If possible someone who has some experience being an advisor for a server should become the advisor for the sG zombie escape server.
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