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  1. If you are trying to appeal your ban, I suggest visiting the Complaint Department and reading the instructions listed there.
  2. We have no ban records of any SadKeyboard, nor do we have any admins named Scatta. You have the wrong forums
  3. Ironic is one of the proudest individuals I have ever seen
  4. I find it weird when people play csgo on settings that are not ultra low. High settings in csgo only brings negative consequences even when you can still get 300fps on ultra. Too many extra visuals with high settings that literally gives you a disadvantage in game.
  5. This is a great Christmas present. You are the kind stranger.
  6. Yeah I did say the build looked pretty cool. Didn't look at any specs. It appears as though you've been scammed.
  7. daniel_

    Monster Jam - Broken?

    Fixed, thanks to @KiD Fearless and mapper GammaCase!
  8. maybe now we can download more ram for our servers
  9. Looks cool. Kinda funky to have ur primary monitor not centered
  10. daniel_

    Monster Jam - Broken?

    This is a known issue. More effort will be put into fixing it. I'll look into it after my finals this week. Thanks for reporting
  11. daniel_

    First Build

    that's pretty epic
  12. daniel_


    welcome 2 forums
  13. 2/20 didnt rtv the t5 i was playing Referred List: zebra, daniel
  14. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  15. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  16. daniel_


    welcome to the introduction section of the forums glad to see my bhop buds getting involved in sG
  17. Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team. 1/20 is one of the only people constantly popping our bhop server. very chill guy and really fun to bhop with. Referred List: daniel
  18. this guy is a pro bhopper. give him respect
  19. im going to be on jailbreak saturday night at 7pm cst. hopefully people will join me
  20. this is a thing that you really hate to see
  21. daniel_


    hi, i agree. what we had last saturday was really fun and we should do something similar soon
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