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  1. daniel_


    Welcome to the forums
  2. 26/20 Genuinely a great guy
  3. daniel_

    Give Away

  4. daniel_

    Anyone here Vietnamese? Going to Vietnam this summer

    I'm pretty sure you're only supposed to drink bottled water... I think that's in Vietnam Also, @October, nice pfp
  5. daniel_


    hi there. welcome
  6. daniel_

    Congratulations Nicole!

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
  7. He brings me guns when he's on freedays... :^) 17/20
  8. brought major pop to the server 14/20
  9. daniel_

    Ban Hammer VS Cheater

  10. 7/20 Very active bhop player and is fun to play with
  11. daniel_

    Christmas Nightmare

    Since there are 3 $25 steam gift cards, I'll claim one of those please. Great event, I had fun playing while I was here.
  12. daniel_

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING][APPROVED]

    wolfshade said i could so 19/20
  13. daniel_

    Split the Bhop Server

    I think the server should stay as it is and not split. I don't really like the idea of splitting the community in to two sections like that. Although I sometimes prefer harder maps over easy maps, it's always more fun when the whole server is online together.
  14. daniel_

    Christmas Nightmare

    Hawk with ez mute