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  1. daniel_


    welcome to the forums
  2. rip servers. rust was good while it lasted
  3. 12/20 Infested, Zebra, Travesty, Nymical, Sakarra, Cookie, sean,Sweetrock, Chaos, The Ben, Ret, daniel
  4. 4/20 cool bhop gamer Referred List: Travesty, zebra, Krony, daniel
  5. thanks for donation, hope it goes to use. tfw sweetrock posts but doesnt give +1
  6. Abstain Made 0 attempt to connect with the community
  7. Excited for ttt and jb
  8. Very cool! Congrats new staff(and vexer)
  9. Thanks for funding another pizza party
  10. @just reX bruh come back and pop ttt with us more. Also the podcasts are nice
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