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  1. Aristocrat

    Should we remove the ZEM from ZE?

    ZM has provided the server with pop, and I've seen that they enjoy the experience, sometimes preferring ZM over ZE completely. Removing it entirely isn't exactly going to do the server any favors but tweaking it a little so that it won't be incredibly repetitive is something that I can agree with as Ice has said.
  2. Aristocrat


    Welcome to the forums! Definitely seen you in JB, outdoing us in climb and surf.
  3. Aristocrat

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    yes, this guy's been giving good pop to jb 34/20
  4. Aristocrat


    Welcome back!
  5. Aristocrat

    Luke's Application [PENDING]

    Good guy on JB. 8/20
  6. Aristocrat

    Clara's application [PENDING]

  7. Aristocrat


    Welcome to the forums.
  8. Aristocrat

    Mudkip's Application [PENDING]

    11/20 kill me
  9. Aristocrat

    Merry Christmas :)

    Enjoy your Christmas everybody.
  10. Aristocrat

    Mudkips Introduction But not really

    Oh, it's this young boi.
  11. Aristocrat

    Christmas Nightmare

    Can't wait for this.
  12. Aristocrat

    oreos late intro

    Welcome to the forums m8!
  13. Aristocrat

    Doodle's intro :D

    Hey we have the same name! Welcome to the forums!
  14. Aristocrat

    reminder Daylight saving time Sunday, November 4

    thanks for the reminder
  15. Aristocrat

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    Welcome to the forums m8!