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  1. HelloJoe

    How old are you suppose to be now

    Happy B-day!
  2. HelloJoe

    sG Smash bros event WHOSE DOWN?

    This sounds like fun, I would love to join
  3. HelloJoe

    Give Away

  4. Good guy all around and is fun to have on the server. 17/20
  5. HelloJoe

    Happy Birthday Sponsored!

    Happy birthday!
  6. HelloJoe


    Welcome to the forums! Hope you continue to enjoy the community and maybe come down to war3 whenever its popped
  7. HelloJoe

    Goliath Ult Not working

    No but all the actual bullet damage goes through as well, u get melted by everyone it seems.
  8. HelloJoe

    Mudkips Introduction But not really

    Welcome, now get start playing war3.
  9. HelloJoe

    Goliath Ult Not working

    I'm pretty sure it happens when the opponent has bonus damage.
  10. HelloJoe

    Trickster Assassin

    Any update when and or if hes coming back?
  11. HelloJoe

    Crack house

    Im down for crackhouse in any form
  12. HelloJoe

    Accidentally submitted 2 sprays

    Alright thanks
  13. HelloJoe

    Accidentally submitted 2 sprays

    its been a good 9 days...
  14. I accidentally submitted two sprays and so now my spray only shows up as a black square. Is there a way to unsubmit them?
  15. I was on westwood as pudge and when i hit someone with my aura and he died by someone else my hp was chuncked, like it reset my stacks back to zero, but I still had all my stacks afterwords.
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