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  1. HelloJoe

    Trickster Assassin

    Any update when and or if hes coming back?
  2. HelloJoe

    Crack house

    Im down for crackhouse in any form
  3. HelloJoe

    Accidentally submitted 2 sprays

    Alright thanks
  4. HelloJoe

    Accidentally submitted 2 sprays

    its been a good 9 days...
  5. I accidentally submitted two sprays and so now my spray only shows up as a black square. Is there a way to unsubmit them?
  6. I was on westwood as pudge and when i hit someone with my aura and he died by someone else my hp was chuncked, like it reset my stacks back to zero, but I still had all my stacks afterwords.
  7. HelloJoe

    Happy (totally not belated) birthday Fearless

    Ey happy birthday @KiD Fearless
  8. I was playing rocky and I had already died and hadnt gotten a respawn. The bomb killed me (somehow) in the feed and I got a respawn off it
  9. HelloJoe

    sG Summer Bhop Event [June 1st to June 8th]

    completed bhop_frankerz On strafe hack or whatever its called I have like 4 tickets
  10. Recruitment Application Form Name: Daniel Age: 15 Location: California Steam ID: 76561198100460032 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/742773 Favorite Server: War3 About Yourself: High school student who has far too much free time and spends it all on games Do you use a Microphone? yes Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? no Questions or Comments: War3 is pretty fun Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @DarkFalcon Link to Introduction Thread: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/76827-hello-it-is-me-hellojoe/?tab=comments#comment-1036442
  11. HelloJoe

    Happy Birthday, Sweetrock!

    Happy B-day!
  12. HelloJoe

    League of Legends - Ten Mans

    Sure, IGN: TheSwagBow
  13. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1272055266 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1272055232
  14. I've seen it multiple times and tested it myself. The damage seems to still be reduced even though it says it should take full damage