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  1. Fuzeee

    Happy birthday Lillabeth!

    happy birthday you loli lover.
  2. Fuzeee

    The Uncle Of ZE has returned

    guys guys, you have to hit him with the 4/20. It's what he was known for. Even up until now. Welcome back you guailou.
  3. Fuzeee

    The Chang Dynesty has fallen

    Hope you get things settled with your IRL stuff Chang. Also I hope that ZE will rise up again so we can enjoy the gameplay like the good old days.
  4. Fuzeee

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    frost giant is pretty loud as well.
  5. Fuzeee


    welcome my dude. @vexer can be pretty toxic though.
  6. Fuzeee

    Currently I'm putting together a Slap City Tournament

    just saw the trailer of the game. Seems pretty legit and I would love to join if I am not busy on that date. I would also be willing to purchase an extra copy of the game for someone depending on how many people we get going here. Also, is this just a ghetto version of "super smash brawls" from Nintendo? like Beerman said, its only 7 bucks...
  7. Fuzeee


    Guys got some big balls to tell people not to read something. Welcome to the forums my dude.
  8. Fuzeee

    Post a picture of yourself

    I always knew you were a big softie xD
  9. Fuzeee

    Zero's App [PENDING][APPROVED]

    20/20 WHALECUM! I mean... Welcome.
  10. Fuzeee

    Dicey's App [PENDING][APPROVED]

    19/20 I think so
  11. Fuzeee

    ZE Problems

    It was only a joke dude that's been going on for a while. Obviously I wasn't being serious about it.
  12. Fuzeee

    ZE Problems

    When the actual advisor for ZE doesn't get pinged but gets substituted by a bhop ADV. @MistaChang #REP fearless for the new ZE ADV, lelelel
  13. Fuzeee

    Introduce... Myself?!

    welcome to the forums. Hope you don't fall in the wrong hands. HUEHUEHEUE
  14. he knows how to suck toes. 3/20
  15. Fuzeee

    Detours and Delays

    I think the words 'detours and delays' should be essential since there would be a lot of smartasses out there to try and out play the rules said by the warden and make the gameplay more frustrating the play. Also its not like the rules itself is already pretty cancerous to follow through on JB said by the wardens.