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  1. Fuzeee

    Weab Trash

    Welcome to the server. @KiD Fearless breaks the server A LOT.
  2. Fuzeee

    Hallo (intro)

    heya you goober. glad to see you opening up onto the forums.
  3. Fuzeee

    Say hi

  4. Fuzeee

    B t w

    congratz dude, that ring looks like a beauty!
  5. Fuzeee

    Admin Nominations

    that list looks badass. Gotta play them all!
  6. Fuzeee

    The Bens step down thread

    sucks to see you retire early. Hope everything turns out well for you.
  7. Fuzeee

    Hey Everyone

    good to see you back on your feet on ZE!
  8. Fuzeee

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    Venom was a decent movie and I enjoyed it. They really added more humour to it though than action to be honest but overall it was funny.
  9. Fuzeee

    Should I buy this? $800.00

    Well when someone asked for a simple advice, your choice of response was to call him a retard which was completely uncalled for. The fact that you are a vet with a vigorous attitude is really pathetic. So why not grow a pair and act more civil. You also might just make yourself into a meme since you act like a complete clown.
  10. Fuzeee

    found my new fav server

    welcome to the forums! @KiD Fearless is tooooooooooxic. And he cheats
  11. Fuzeee

    Everything we know is wrong

    ZE is where it's at @KiD Fearless All day and everyday. Better than Bhop
  12. Fuzeee

    Should I buy this? $800.00

    You guys don't have to be a complete dick about it. He obviously asked for some advice from sweaty online nerds like you guys. Also what's wrong with asking these kinds of questions on here? @Beerman Needs to chill.
  13. Fuzeee

    Respawn toggle bind

    @KiD Fearless is a hacker. You don't deserve my cash.
  14. Fuzeee

    A halloween war3 event

    I would love to participate this year if it happens. Count me it!
  15. Fuzeee

    Happy birthday Lillabeth!

    happy birthday you loli lover.