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  1. Fuzeee

    Zombie escape ZClass relook

    that sounds good chang. 10k is pretty legit.
  2. Hey guys. @StarSlayer @fps_trucka @MistaChang So I just wanted to talk about the Zclass plugin that was added to the server awhile ago and I don't think its working out. Personally myself and a good handful of others in the ZE community have been getting irritated with the speed zombie class. Reason for that is in most maps such as "frostdrake", the speed zombie class makes it pretty much unplayable due to zombie's having a %99 leverage when it comes to advancing forward towards objectives. From my experience, no matter what, zombies will have the most advantage. No it is not because we suck at defending, it is because the zombie's are able to accelerate in a tremendous high maximum speed which makes it really unfair for the humans. At this point the humans are basically playing with a disadvantage the whole time whether if its on fair grounds or not. I think we should just remain back to old ZE default classes with more HP and less speed. Btw, if you aren't a ze player then your vote will be casted aside.
  3. Fuzeee

    Happy Birthday Moose_

    enjoy your special day ya old G-man
  4. Fuzeee

    New donation from Branden

    1337 memer! Thanks for the Dono.
  5. Fuzeee


    ill try to get on if I have the time.
  6. Fuzeee

    HelloJoe's Application [PENDING]

    7/20 played with him on War3. Seems like a good guy with a good intent.
  7. Fuzeee

    New donation from Fuzeee

    Thank you, Fuzeee for your donation of 10.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  8. Fuzeee

    Just suggestions

    I think the prize for every top defender would be to much of a hassle since it would require a LOT of attention for every round so I wouldn't be to up for that but I would like to see a plugin for the server where it shows who has done the most damage to the boss of zombie.
  9. Fuzeee


    which servers do you mostly play on sG?
  10. Fuzeee


    welcome to the forums. Stay away from @vexer because he is very toxic.
  11. oooooooooooooof @FanService #GETGUD!
  12. Fuzeee

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    I don't know who you are but happy birthday!
  13. midnight is so cool that he got an extra ref to spare. @FanService needs to get gud.
  14. Fuzeee

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    played with him a few times on War3, he's a cool dude 12/20
  15. Fuzeee

    What part about sG do you like the best?

    I mean its not my job to ban you on here but what I see is you are creating a huge fuss over nothing which is ludicrous and I think you just need to stop it. It seems like you are either provoking the community members or just doing this for your own entertainment to get a reaction out of others. Again I would advise you to just stop what you are doing and let it go. By the way we aren't attacking you in any sort of way since it would have no meaning to it so don't take this as a wrong turn.