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  1. What part about sG do you like the best?

    The litty people that are in it
  2. Fortnite + Tornado = I don't mind dying while gaming

  3. How autistic are you?

    https://psychology-tools.com/autism-spectrum-quotient/ Take this spectrum quiotient. It's 50 questions but it only takes ~5 minutes. Post your score. I got a 19/50.
  4. Warframe

    Bruh I used to play. But someone got into my account and now it's banned until I pay Warframe 40 to buy back platinum that I didn't buy and refunded. I also don't have enough space to download the entire 120gb.
  5. Games to play?

    ARK: Survival Evolved
  6. Lets make a story only two words!

    Sticking all Also why is this in introduction?
  7. First brofest experience

    I was in the tintchat
  8. First brofest experience

    Bruh that shit was weird af. Naked guys and shit. Also I only had audio from like, three people. OOF
  9. Yo Yo

    Oh wow, you did it bud. Have I seen you on Gmod ttt before? Who knows.
  10. Random post for spam.

    I'll play it as a traitor and when there's only 3-4 people on.
  11. Random post for spam.

    Ben, I always will have a bad reputation. I'm an asshole in Discord and I'm toxic asf. I'm a known RDMer I just don't get banned the same day I get unbanned. Also, no one likes me so it doesn't matter. Also, my reputation still got me 21 refs. I just got banned because we all play C4 roulette and I decided to plant it next to everybody that was still alive. What caused my application to be denied was that I played C4 roulette with 5 others near the C4, which caused me to get banned for mass RDM.
  12. Hello!

    Hiaho welcome to this humble home
  13. Random post for spam.

    Denied second to last day on recruitment. Painful. Unless someone wants me to (which I doubt) I won't reapply. So, all you people that hate me and meme reffed me can be happy. I'll also most likely be less active on the servers. Make haters have to deal with me less.