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  1. hi

    Thank you all for the welcoming~ Well currently, I'm playing TERA or came back to it. I used to play Dekaron/2Moons, Silkroad, Aion, Black Dessert Online and so much more. But currently, I'm more interested in TERA.
  2. hi

    Thank you from the both of you ~
  3. hi

    Lol, yes. And thank you! Why thank you!
  4. hi

    Hello. I'm new here, well not really. But I'm Petals/Hime/duckyy.... Don't know. But nice to meet you. I like art gallery looking...browsing.... I enjoy playing mmorpg. I don't know what to say for now, so just simply heyyyy. Oh, I'm a triggered kid. I get triggerd easily.