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  1. Papa Pig

    Piggy piggy

    LOVE IT! Also thank y'all for all the birthday wishes :> means a lot. Thanks also for just being a cool community
  2. Papa Pig

    North American Footyball

    We'll see, I'm hopeful about Dak. Maybe it's blind hope but i think the outlook is good
  3. Papa Pig

    North American Footyball

    So I'm curious if anyone enjoys NA footyball, and if so: which team(s) do you like? My being from Austin TX, I'm a Cowboys fan at heart but I also thoroughly enjoy the Packers. So I'd like to know if there's any other NA footyball fans out there and also if they happen to hate on the Cowboys >.>
  4. Papa Pig


    Haldo! Welcome :>
  5. Papa Pig

    Spymaster's OBJ Alert and ESP

    Yea you're right, the radar is workin. Kinda sad they still have a skill to be leveled that does nothing :/ idk about the warning of ESP from widow and valsharess.
  6. Papa Pig

    Spymaster's OBJ Alert and ESP

    Well there are two skills: one that reveals them via radar - which works I believe but will try to double check - and one that should reveal them like valsherak within 340-500 yards. It has worked in the past since I've started playing on the server
  7. Papa Pig

    Spymaster's OBJ Alert and ESP

    Hmm ok, so should the skill just be removed? Also I didn't see it in the change log, but idk how often that is kept up
  8. Papa Pig

    Spymaster's OBJ Alert and ESP

    The spymaster is not being alerted when the enemy is starting the objective. The 300-500 yard ESP is also not working all together.
  9. Papa Pig

    Hi I'm zuggie24 :)

    Haldo!! Welcome!