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  1. Wolfshade

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    I saw the movie I really thought it was great
  2. Wolfshade

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    It’s nostalgic and it’s also fun, but I kinda agree with you we need a better map but imo old lego is much better.
  3. Wolfshade

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    Honestly the main difference in the lego maps are the vents being changed but the old lego is just more nostalgic and honestly I would rather have the old lego.
  4. Wolfshade

    Fall TTT Event

    Sweet rock he’s ttt adv wich do you think
  5. Wolfshade


  6. Wolfshade

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    Havent seen it yet but im planning on seeing it tommorow so im trying to have high hopes.
  7. Wolfshade

    Wittly Wayne App [PENDING]

    Conf 5/20
  8. Wolfshade

    Hello World!

    Btw if you get enough hours you can substitute posts for hours, Just to let you know.
  9. Wolfshade

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    Sorry if I’m wrong but the teleport does put the ct’s In a different area it puts them near the exit of armory on the rock.
  10. Wolfshade

    Hi sG

    That’s what I figured cause In your other thread you said you would make the account whittle Wayne.
  11. Wolfshade

    danielyeetman's Application [PENDING]

    7/20 fearless said he would ref me if I did so.
  12. Wolfshade

    Sunday Funday

    The Krony you hear him!!! that one gets me every time.
  13. I was just wondering what everybody's thoughts were on the new Michael Myers movie I am personally looking forward to it and me and a couple of friends are going to see it in theaters. Also I think the mask looks pretty nice compared to some of the older Halloweens. If you havent seen the Trailer
  14. Wolfshade

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!!!
  15. Wolfshade

    sG PUBG Tournament/Get Together - CHOOSE THE DATE

    I do but it just runs slowly.