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  1. Wolfshade

    Christmas Nightmare Teaser

    Sounds like fun.
  2. Wolfshade

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    We have the same birthday. Happy Birthday Tho!
  3. Wolfshade

    Hi Noobs

    Good to have you back!
  4. Wolfshade

    Weab Trash

    Trust me they do.
  5. Wolfshade


    Sorry, your application has been denied. Feel free to apply again in two months from this date. Because you have not met all the requirments. [posts]
  6. Wolfshade

    Fall TTT Event

    When will the winners be announced for the Picasso achievment? [The art contest]
  7. Wolfshade

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    I’m not sure and I could be wrong but I don’t think it could be changed
  8. Wolfshade

    Mini-Games Play test!

    Sadly I can’t come on the 28th hope everyone has fun though!
  9. Wolfshade

    Post a picture of yourself

    Taz is smexy.
  10. Wolfshade

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    This is Raynes kid aswell as the fact you cant -1 so the correct count is 21/20
  11. Wolfshade

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    We have just gotten a new Adv for the server and he is working on doing what he can for the Jail Break Server and in my opinion hes doing a hell of a good job. Regarding the things with it going from 24 to 8 im pretty sure that was due to the map change but take it how you want. Detours and Delays- These were taken away due to the fact of people being toxic because they couldn't rebel so they would wait for the warden to make a mistake. This caused knew wardens to get mad they got ctd cause they probably shot the ts and leave. Hacking- I dont think i have ever seen one of our admin kick a player for hacking 100% of the time its a ban. they know its not allowed they are just trying to ruin others fun. Other than that, some of your other points are pretty good and i hope Hawk takes them into consideration.
  12. Wolfshade

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    I saw the movie I really thought it was great
  13. Wolfshade

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    It’s nostalgic and it’s also fun, but I kinda agree with you we need a better map but imo old lego is much better.
  14. Wolfshade

    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    Honestly the main difference in the lego maps are the vents being changed but the old lego is just more nostalgic and honestly I would rather have the old lego.