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  1. FaZe

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Iran doing pretty good :3 But now one of their biggest fate. Spain. We’re going to win @Aristocrat
  2. FaZe


    Honk. Spam :p
  3. FaZe

    Happy Birthday Funky!

    Happy birthday!
  4. FaZe

    Incredibles 2

    I’m watching it tomorrow at the movie theater.
  5. FaZe


  6. FaZe

    Happy Birthday Clamps!

    Happy birthday!
  7. FaZe

    nothing_but_fail stepdown

    Good luck. Thanks for your work.
  8. FaZe

    Hi everyone

    hello. Nice 2 meet you.
  9. FaZe

    Happy (totally not belated) birthday Fearless

    Happy birthday Kid!
  10. FaZe

    Happy Birthday Moose_

    Happy birthday!
  11. FaZe

    Stepping down

    Thank you for your work!
  12. FaZe

    hi from skorp

    Nice 2 meet you!
  13. FaZe

    Deadpool 2 Edgy for You

    Yeah. It’s in Japanese. Deadpool 2 with Japanese voice actors.
  14. My favorite girl on not just the villain team, but overall in the anime.