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  1. Decided to sign up.

    Hello and welcome, Gollum and Ms. Piggy!
  2. Aye whats up

    Welcome YourPokemon!
  3. I know you guys don’t care about what I like, but I just want to say that what I like about sG is that there are lots of funny, crazy, and kind members that make the game really fun. I really appreciate the sG community for always helping me with everything xD.
  4. Lets make a story only two words!

    He has
  5. Zombie Escape Map Idea.

    Oh okay. I can't wait till the map comes on sG. I think it would be a fun map and everyone on the server would love playing.
  6. Yo Yo

    Hello Serif The Sheriff! Nice to meet you
  7. Post where you want to go right now!

    Same with me. I’m hate bugs. But I would want to go to Arizona for some Grand Canyon hiking.
  8. Post a Picture of Your Setup

    WTF... Dream setup
  9. Post your favorite marvel movie.

    Deadpool, Spider-Man, Ironman, hulk, all awesome movies. But I just love guardians of galaxy soo much. Also my favorite character would be Thanos. ☺️
  10. Post your favourite Dish's or recipes.

    Oh one of my favorite dish was the “shrimp linguine alfredo.” It’s DELICIOUS! The cream on the pasta makes my cheeks fall. I don’t know the exact recipe for it, but I’m sure there would be some online.
  11. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    Random name generator, and I used the two words that came up and combines them. midnight ace MidNight_Ace ik it sounds pretty stupid.
  12. Sorry I'm rude.

    Oh really? I play on ZE too. I’ll see you on ZE.
  13. Hi Im Mudkips

    Hi Mudkips do you remember me? I used to play lots of competitive with you. Thank you for the carry btw xD
  14. Hello

    Hello Zero! Teach me how to bhop :3