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  1. FoxCom's Application [PENDING]

    I remember this kid when I first found sG. He always shat on me in gmod ref 8/20
  2. Your Czar Salad's Application [DENIED]

    easily one of the best dudes I’ve ever played gmod with and a great admin as well // his life advice ain’t that bad either xd ref!
  3. Happy Birthday Cows!

    Happy birthday my dude !!
  4. Hi guys C:

    Hello welcome to the forums
  5. welcome back my dude! Hope everything’s going well with you now
  6. Hey new here

    Heya welcome !
  7. Nemo's Application [APPROVED]

    My favorite person to play anything with, also has a great taste in music and memes ref 12/20
  8. Orange*'s Application [APPROVED]

    He won’t buy me stuff with his nonexistent credit card ref 17/20
  9. Did I...make one?

    My boy foxcom finally came to the forums welcome dude!
  10. Howdy

    Well howdy there partner
  11. "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    Not gonna lie my go to game rn is league but when I get bored of it my other go to is gmod and fallout
  12. Happy birthday, Noms!!

    Happy birthday !
  13. hello there bbs

    Hey vortex welcome to the forums my dude! Its anime thighs or nothing tho
  14. He is Coming...

    This is 2 sp00ks 5 meee !!! D:
  15. New donation from Tobi

    Thanks my dude!!!