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  1. What is up my dudes

    My boy shmuel comin to the forums Welcome dude!
  2. Long Time Stalker/Player on SG, New to Forums

    My boy burgham finally found the forums Welcome dude and thanks for helping with our servers !
  3. Hello eecks dee

    Welcome my dude ^-^
  4. Guess I'm back again

    Welcome back my dude ! Remember playing with you yesterday it was pretty neat
  5. Hey everybody its Dr.Nick!

    Welcome my dude !
  6. New donation from Anonymous

    Tysm! ❤️
  7. Stepping down

    Thank you for your service 7
  8. Changing of my name

    JXC more like gay ecks dee jk ily man I like the name change
  9. New donation from Bluestreakid15

    Thank you ! <3

    Happy birthday bbg
  11. New donation from Leeroy

    Thanks for your donation
  12. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    congrats everyone
  13. leaving sg

    I remember your memes with tuxedo back in the day Strive and prosper friend
  14. Happy Birthday MistaChang!

    Happy birthday
  15. GMOD Custom TTT Server

    Thanks to everyone who helped remake this I get to relive my 2014 moments again