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  1. Games to play?

    fallout series is pretty good, also the tomb raider reboots + maybe even gmod too xd
  2. League of Legends - sG Clash Team

    If booch is playing I’m down because hes worse than me at league I can play anything but sup
  3. New donation from Fuzeee

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Wassup Y'all

    Welcome to the forums bud
  5. Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Hey bud welcome to the forums :$
  6. I wanna become an admin so im gonna introduce myself :)

    Hey welcome to the forums! Glad you’re showing interest in the clan :))
  7. Hi Im Mudkips

    Hello! Welcome to the forums :))
  8. Yo Yo

    Hey serif ! Glad you’re expanding your forum horizons
  9. Pretty damn good at war3 maybe I just suck 4/20
  10. Hallo Mein Friends

    Hey ! Welcome to the forums :))
  11. Console's Application [DENIED]

    He’s pretty neat 5/20
  12. introduction

    Hullo & welcome!