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    video games make me sad, ben being an idiot makes me rad

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  1. Danny

    Newest addition to sG

    que cute :)))
  2. Danny

    Best Super Gay Member

    I am the profit
  3. Danny

    New donation from thew

    Hey thanks bud! You’re the best ADV and I think that you should be promote to sole ADV
  4. Danny


    ok bud I’ll cya later
  5. Danny

    Stepping down

    It’s the end of an era
  6. Danny

    PUBG/Fortnite Killer

    no its a MMORPG ben
  7. Danny

    sG snapchat group.

  8. Danny

    sG TTT GMOD Server Map Update

    Are we finally getting a new and bigger community other than children on the servers ?
  9. Danny

    I'm Back c;

    Welcome back
  10. Danny

    Hey o, Here we go!

    Welcome to the forums :)) hope ya check out our other servers as well ! They’re a lot of fun too
  11. Danny

    Hello there

    Hey dude ! Glad you like our community :))
  12. 15/20 pretty cool dude // if I remember correctly he’s been here for a while too
  13. Danny

    Decided to sign up.

    Hey! Welcome to the forums :))
  14. Danny

    Games to play?

    fallout series is pretty good, also the tomb raider reboots + maybe even gmod too xd