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  1. Darkfrywarrior

    Hey Everyone

    haha thanks guys C: I hope to see sG servers make a comeback and definitely wana take part in making that happen <3
  2. Darkfrywarrior

    Hey Everyone

    I just made this thread because I went in-active for some time, and just wanted to say hi and let ya'll know that I Plan on becoming active again and being a part of the community, so looking forward to chilling with everyone :D
  3. Darkfrywarrior

    Console's Application [DENIED]

    Ref 16/20
  4. Darkfrywarrior


    Welcome to the forums my man
  5. Darkfrywarrior

    Aristocat's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    EASY REF 8/20
  6. Darkfrywarrior

    Mudkip's Application [DENIED]

    Confirm, he is a good kid
  7. Darkfrywarrior

    Hi Im Mudkips

    Hello mudkip welcome to the forums!!!
  8. Darkfrywarrior

    Sadlyevil's Application to sG [PENDING][APPROVED]

    I love jailbreak hit me up if you're ever down to play 16/20
  9. Darkfrywarrior

    Hallo Mein Friends

    Welcome to the forums broski
  10. Darkfrywarrior

    Sakarra's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    I see you around on ZE so I will ref 14/20
  11. Darkfrywarrior


    Welcome Welcome <3
  12. Darkfrywarrior

    TheWaffler's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    I see you lots on ZE Ref 14/20
  13. Darkfrywarrior

    Zombie Escape Suggestion Thread

    Custom Zombie Class Suggestions: I realized that some servers that are popular, such as Mapeadores, have a plugin where players can choose between separate zombie classes, each with different features. I will list a few ideas of classes that I have, as well as the features that should be associated with each class. Default Zombie: This zombie class would have a basic zombie model, and would have average baseline health (6-7k HP would be ideal baseline health) with no extra feature. This would be the zombie that would be defaulted to players who first join the server. Fast Zombie: This zombie class would have a more unique looking zombie model, but would still fit the characteristics of a fast moving zombie. This zombie should have an increase in speed aside from other zombies, such as +10% speed, but should have a lot less health to balance it out. I feel like 3k HP for this type of zombie would be ideal. Tank Zombie: This zombie class would have a larger, more bulky zombie model. This zombie should have reduced knockback from other zombies and should have a larger amount of HP, but should have a decrease in speed from the other zombie classes. I feel like 15k HP, and a -10% speed to this class would be ideal. Regeneration Zombie: This zombie class would have a smaller size than the other zombie classes. This zombie would start out with the baseline of about 7k HP, but would regenerate its HP over time. I feel like 50-100 HP per second would be fair. That might seem over-powered to some, so to balance this out this zombie should have an increase to its knockback. Jumping Zombie: This zombie should have a taller, lankier look to its zombie model. This zombie would have average speed and average HP, but should have an increase to its jump height. I feel like a 10% increase to its jump height would be ideal. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to add to the list. Whilst the creation of this plugin would probably take some time and work, I feel like the effects it would have on our current player population, which only seems to really be active on the weekends, would be in the extreme positives. Having the option to choose a zombie class gives players the freedom to play how they want to play, and would make playing as a zombie more interesting. I notice that a reason people tend to quit is because they become zombies, and at that point its boring to just be shot at all the time. However, if you have the freedom to choose a feature to match how you play the game, I feel like that would prevent that type of loss to players. Any feedback is appreciated, and thank you!
  14. Darkfrywarrior


    Lol, I feel like I would be walking into walls and shit xD