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  2. 5/20 Travesty, zebra, Krony, daniel, nymical
  3. I know it's months since the inception of your anime binge cycle, but I'll throw in my recommendations of quality material. By the way, if you watched Death Note subbed, I'd recommend watching it again dubbed (in a year or so); the English voice acting is excellent. +1 on the mentions of: Attack on Titan [10/10] One of my favorite pieces of media. The action sequences are top-notch, the soundtrack is rivalled only by Death Note in terms of atmosphere/mood, the plot is genuinely unpredictable and enjoyable, and the mystery/lore component is well done. Animation is excellent, though the few CGI components are mediocre. The voice acting is good for some characters, excellent for others. Watch it subbed. Ongoing, Season 3. One Punch Man [8/10] Comedy and action. Lots of comedy. Lots of action. An odd mishmash of epic fight scenes (far beyond the likes of Dragon Ball) and ironic humor. The animation style mirrors this, shifting drastically from simple and cartoonish to detailed depending on the mood. Season 1 complete, Season 2 on its way. Goblin Slayer [7/10] Defines a single story and sticks to it, leaving a lot out of the story along the way in favor of a very well-developed character arc. There's action, mild NSFW content, and noticable gore. It accomplishes its story in a single season. Complete, 1 Season. GATE [7/10] OP, kindhearted MC, loose SFW harem development, mostly a joyride with a few nervous moments. Action scenes are quality, but this one is a smooth ride of enjoyment. Action, mild NSFW content. If you end up liking it, there's a similar but much more mature anime called Zipang that does an excellent job with the subject of a temporal transposition. My recommendations: Drifters [9/10] A very underrated anime from the creator of Hellsing. Very dark, grim mood, with plenty of comic relief interspersed between scenes of action and character building. Characters from history ripped out of reality at the moment of their death to wage war in another dimension on behalf of human civilization or of the forces of destruction. If you like history, this one's a definite watch. Season 1 complete, Season 2 TBA. Re:ZERO [10/10] Likely one of the best anime of the decade (certainly one of the most talked about) would be Re:ZERO, an isekai (alternate world) about a single male character facing his flaws and developing in a similar storytelling manner as Goblin Slayer. Source of Rem, one of the most popular waifus around - but, to be clear, the focus of the show is very dark and can even be depressing. Though the plot is somewhat loose, the focus on an analysis of the genre and a very meta-philosophical portrayal of anime characters puts it at a solid 10/10. Warning for gore and lots of character death. Complete, 1 Season. Overlord [8/10] My personal favorite, though I recognize that it's not the best anime out there. Dark OP MC. I don't want to describe it in too much detail for fear of distorting the truth with my bias, but I'd say at least watch the first episode to see if you're interested. Seasons 1-3 complete, Season 4 TBA. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime [8/10] Kind of like Overlord, but less grim, and the MC isn't dark and devious. Ongoing, Season 1.
  4. I'm in for DnD. Looking forward to it!
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