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  1. nymical

    Post your favorite marvel movie.

    I prefer Iron Man, but Thor is also up there. Anything after The Avengers just seems episodic and incomplete to me, leaving the experience unfulfilling and melancholy. If counting movies not made by Marvel, but featuring their characters... the movie where Logan returns to Japan after decades have passed since he saved a Japanese soldier from the nuclear bomb, and then needed to defend his granddaughter. I saw it on TV a while ago, and it was pretty good. I don't recall the name, though. Edit: The movie is called The Wolverine.
  2. nymical

    Random post for spam.

    I haven't had any bad experiences with you, Console. Discord is dominated by people with power and/or popular respect, and trying to wedge into it incontrovertibly leads to you being disliked, whether you're an asshole or not. Mellow out your presence there, comment here on the forums in Pub or Serious Discussions every once and a while, and reapply. Control yourself well during the recruitment period, as the entire point is to ensure that applicants are capable of maintaining an acceptable demeanor. Once you become accepted by sG, you can get away with a lot and only catch verbal flak for it without disciplinary penalties. You haven't given anybody here a legitimate reason to do any more than dislike you, and I doubt you'll be precluded from future clan membership if you adjust your currently defensive and self-pitying attitude. I know and accept that your rejection is sad and does not represent your potential as an sG clan member, but thus far you have not demonstrated that you accept responsibility for your ban and subsequent application denial, which were both completely just. Though their application may not have been completely equitable and fair, they are indisputable and your own behavior stimulated their application. Regardless, I wish you good luck with sG and hope to keep seeing you on the GMod servers to help balance out random's cancer and make the game enjoyable.
  3. nymical

    Stephen Hawking passed away

    He did so much for science and humanity The world will miss his intellect Many will miss his ideals To live according to Hawking's ideas is an honorable achievement Stephen Hawking, Rest In Peace
  4. nymical

    We need to start a hentai fan club.

    What you're looking for is a 4chan sub. Somebody needs to call the weeb police on this otaku Though, if I recall correctly, I played on GMod servers with you for a while, so... Ref +2 Yes: Rootbeer, nymical No: who could deny?!?!?