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    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Recently as a war3 community we are all noticing a large amount of SOs getting promoted for our server (which is an amazing thing). We believe that the individuals being selected for SO are not an ideal fit for the community. In our opinions an SO should be an active member of the server and not a show up once or twice a week for 5 min to 1 match. We understand that an SO position usually requires an applicants request, but this has not been providing positive results. We rarely see the majority of the current SO WAR3 members in the server and we would like to request that the SOs are re-evaluated based on what they will provide in the leadership position. It is understood that it may be the case of not enough members putting in an application for the role. A suggestion is that the current, active SOs for the war3 server, are able to provide a recommendation of the most adequate current SG members of the server for the position without having to submit a request. By viewing all potential nominations the current SOs can debate among themselves on which they believe will fit into the role of SO the best. After selecting a few nominations that they believe are capable they can contact these specific members and ask if they would take the position without having to jump through the hoops of the current application process. As a community we believe it is fairly obvious which members should be revoked SO, and we believe that there is no need to point them out individually on this thread. *I am not sure if it would be a good idea for the server population to have a voice as well, because we are the individuals that have the greatest understanding of who would be an ideal fit. Also an SO should never be given a postion by having "hook-ups" or people that have it given because of their relationship with certain individuals* The most appreciated current SO: Man-Bear-Pig Server populations suggested SO: sG | ۩۞۩ Serif The Sheriff Thank you for taking the time to read this and understanding the current situation! Respectfully, The WAR3 Playerbase *This is not directly my opinion (everything that is written I made sure were the beliefs of the general populations). I was told many times to post these server wide views on the forums to get the word out, but many don't have faith that it will even change anything. I am always asking what players opinions are on how the server is being run and this was one of the biggest responses. I just wanted to do my part and get the word out. If anyone has any questions or statements I will most likely not reply because this was the opinion of the vast majority of the playerbase and I am not willing to speak for them on matters I have not addressed. If you are curious about the subject just join the server and ask everyone and you will receive responses from the direct population on this issue. Thank You*
  2. o4Leafo

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    Racepool should be 10-15 max in my opinion, map pool should be limited to 5-7 evenly based maps that are big enough not to be spawn killed in first 15-20 sec (or something to counter the issue), should be first to 16 unless 15-15 then ot, i think tourny should be 8 teams of 5, teams are first matched by random against another (for first round), no shopmenu, if hostage maps there needs to be a cap with speed while carrying, no ultimates that can kill (or use best judgement) around the hostage/ bomb zone (not specifically bomb but the whole zone area), no 1 minute have to do obj rule bc u can save weapons/gear, time decreased of round to comp time (2 min i think), no giving money (should be earned at a rate similar to comp not casual, armor not given but has to be bought (same w/ defuse kits), no weapons that are "broken on characters" (ex. negev on machinegunner), no ultimates that can kill a person without them even being shot or seen by an enemy (pretty sure soul reaper? or whatever race wish uses that does that), no team damage (so causal, not like comp), there needs to be at least one supervisor in each match in case an exploit is found they can stop it then and there, i suggest no super dooper long jump races that can travel around map in 5 sec, but thats just my opinion, no wall hack races! No respawns including from races that respawn teamates, no transfering money (if you require a weapon from team have them drop), there are many more things but im pretty sure @face / @man-bears common sense will rule out many of those questions. First Round: best of 1 series randomly matched against opponent team Map is chosen by each team eliminating 1 map after another until 1 left (assuming odd # ex.7) side chosen for best of 1 by coin flip?(not sure yet bc both teams eliminate same amount of maps) after 15 rounds flip sides change races (if needed) Races can be chosen freely from however many, and both teams will know what they're playing against in order to counter if needed. the idea of i pick 1 race then other team picks 1 is stupid imo, bc then u cant change after your locked in Winners move to "upper bracket", and losers move to "lower bracket" if a team loses they will get 1 more chance through the lower bracket Second Round: best of three series map decided by each team picking one then eliminations till last map Upper bracket 4 teams left, their opponent will be one of upper bracket preferable using the "bracket system" (so if teams A, B, C, D win into upper A&B face off & C&D) 2 teams will continue on to upper bracket 2 will drop lower and face off the winners of the losers brackets 1st round (they will not face eachother they both face one of the winners in the losers bracket) Lower bracket the 1st round losers will face eachother 2 will be eliminated from competition Third Round: best of three series Upper bracket 2 teams left, the winner will move to finals and loser will face whoever wins the losers bracket overall Lower bracket 4 teams, 2 teams are eliminated and 2 continue on to face the losers of winers bracket second round Losers Bracket Semifinals/finals: the two winners from lower brackets second round face eachother and the winer of that faces upper brackets last loser. the winner of the lower brackets finals move to the grand finals with winner of upper bracket. Finals: Best of 5 with winner of upper bracket gaining a 1 map advantage idk about best of 5, depending on if ppl dont mind the tourny being multiple days? Conclusion- I have many ideas, feel free to message me on steam. This event should be run by an active member of the warcraft server! I'm pretty sure i left so many things out, but i will try and relay my thoughts to individuals involved. -Thank You