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  1. Rock

    happy valentines day!

    Wrong I would say @The Ben was @LindsayLoo and @OGKarma its fun to pop ttt with you @Nau its fun to see you fuck around with everyone on ttt
  2. Rock

    Nostalgia Attack

    I used to play a bunch of racing games solo on my xbox 360 when it first came out then one of my friends got me hip to mw2 before it came out and i was really young but after lots of begging like the child I was i finally convinced my dad not only to let me pre-order but to stay up for the midnight launch at our local gamestop which was thriving at the time we barely made it past the release and all we wanted to do was play the damn game at his house but when we got back to the house we ended up passing tf out 30 mins later anyway
  3. Rock

    Obligatory Check-in

    Im not going to ref you on your app cause you like to shitpost like this
  4. Rock

    Give Away

    Um what pick a day pls unless there is 2?
  5. Rock

    Give Away

    I Ez free post and a chance to win something thanks
  6. Rock

    Please accept me :) [PENDING]

    I think I may have seen you before 12/20
  7. Rock

    Jailbreak recommendations

    I get on at any chance i get, ive been very very busy recently due to tons of shit going on in my life including family deaths and work overload between school, hockey and coaching hockey but i still try to find some time every few weeks to hop on
  8. Rock

    Jailbreak recommendations

    This right here... this is the way to bringing jb back again
  9. Rock

    New donation from Ironic

    Thanks for the dono!
  10. Rock

    Thanks guys!

    Dont worry man you will pull through look forward to talking to you sometime again
  11. Saw him a bunch on war3 great guy 16/20
  12. Rock

    Charred's Application [PENDING]

    war3 > ZE 9/20
  13. Rock

    Be Aware....

    The fact you felt the need to post this on the forums made me lose brain cells for you
  14. Rock

    Happy Birthday Sponsored!

    Happy Birthday @Sponsored hope you have a good day today
  15. Rock

    im alive

    welcome back man
  16. Rock


    Hey welcome back
  17. Seen on jb seems like a good guy 16/20
  18. Rock

    Mudkips Introduction But not really

    Welcome back i remember you hope to see your on the servers again sometime
  19. Rock

    Free game (limited time)

    Thanks for the free game !
  20. Rock

    Christmas Nightmare

    Hell ya this looks like its gonna be fun asf
  21. Rock

    Old guy from way back

    Welcome back man, hope to see you around on the servers sometime
  22. 8/20 very determined to get in dont make me regret this
  23. Rock

    oreos late intro

    Hey good to see you on the forums finally hope you enjoy them