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  1. Rock

    Free game (limited time)

    Thanks for the free game !
  2. Rock

    Christmas Nightmare

    Hell ya this looks like its gonna be fun asf
  3. Rock

    Old guy from way back

    Welcome back man, hope to see you around on the servers sometime
  4. Rock

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING]

    8/20 very determined to get in dont make me regret this
  5. Rock

    oreos late intro

    Hey good to see you on the forums finally hope you enjoy them
  6. I can already tell this is going to be amazing huge thanks to all of you guys making this possible and big ups to Hawk on really spearheading the revival of jb
  7. Rock

    Happy late birthday Wolfshade

    Happy birthday to the both of you!!
  8. Rock

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    Happy Birthday cows try not to stare at too many flashing lights
  9. Rock

    Doodle's intro :D

    Welcome to the forums don't forget to check out our discord server and feel free to PM on the forums or discord any time if you need some help hope to see you on
  10. Rock


    Also when someone joined and type out the N-word with the name @all Miss the good times when it was super popped and T's would rebel at any chance given and the select few who knew all vents and would manage to find a way to rebel every round Also when I had eventually learned all the vents and started to learn how to bhop really well so that i was able to rebel all the time I think its about time that we get an event or something going for JB and get it fully revived get new maps again and just mess around with the homies
  11. Rock

    New donation from NickPD.

    This was a great way to spend $5 thanks for the donation
  12. Rock

    Hi Noobs

    Welcome back ollie
  13. Rock

    Weab Trash

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Welcome to the forums, glab you like jb hope to see you around there
  15. Rock

    B t w

    Glad that one of my kind could persuade the lucky laddy On a serious note, hope the best for the two of you guys congrats on the marriage hopefully you will still have time for us boys in the clan and on war3 Also is it just me or does faces hand look the same as his girls..
  16. Rock

    The Bens step down thread

    It was fun to call you a Super SO all the time and talk shit but imma miss you, thanks for all the work you have put into making the server better
  17. Rock

    Hey Guys

    Long time no see, last time i saw you... your voice got hella deep
  18. Rock

    New donation from Rock

    Thank you, Rock for your donation of 3.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  19. Rock

    Happy Birthday Dawg

    Happy birthday, have fun fighting fires
  20. Rock


    Welcome to the forums make sure to stay away from that @Wolfshade guy he is so pale he will blind you
  21. Rock

    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    17/20 with out a doubt will become one of the best members or memers here depending on how her daddy raises her
  22. Rock

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    I would like if fortify could stay because just recently i played with a few other ppl on low pop and it was actually really fun
  23. Rock

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congrats all new staff
  24. Rock

    bakkaneko app[DENIED]

    Lmao when i spoiled a movie a long time ago all i had was a 6hr ban glad some dickhead like this guy got 3 months for it
  25. Rock

    Hi sG

    hey, what server do you play on?