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  1. It is, its a new thing that was added in the new update tasers recharge now after 5 seconds and are dropable again, the command is /give <traget> taser 1
  2. Thats the point it makes it to easy to rebel T's need to get good and learn how to rebel like Pike does Gotta be a ninja and run when no one will notice
  3. Yea and also it makes it so that there wont have the taser that has unlimited ammo that you can just spam but it makes it so if you miss your shot you still have a chance as long as you avoid getting hit by someone else
  4. The recahrge is the perfect time, and it is on all maps that you can have a taser on, all tasers have the recharge thanks to @Pike the recharge time gives the Ct's a chance to get ready for another strike if the T so dares but also makes it so that the T has a chance at getting another kill. Also if you think about it, this new feature could be used in so many new games such as a ff taser fight that isnt just a taser spam, or a taser warday or any other games and things that people could come up with, Imo its perfect and nothing about it should change at all.
  5. Oh then I would say just remove it, I thought it would still be part of it because most of the time people say No dets Dealys or cheating, I guess i must have missed something but yea if cheating is still a need to be said then I say just remove the No dets or delays part as a whole Orange could you clarify this a little more, I mean you havent really been there for the major chaos and shouting and raging that happened it really just ruined a round and was a waste of time and made lots of people get upset
  6. Because there are games on some maps that T's take to long to complete and I feel like if there was a way to try to see what T's are really paying attention then you could drop the no cheating part and watch as all the T's die from not listening, also there are some games that T's struggle with and no one can complete that takes to long so if you made it so cheating was allowed in the middle of the game again then you could just say something like " All T's must finish Climb by 6:30 with no detours or delays" you know? cause then it gives them the hint "Hey I can cheat now and beat all the other T's"
  7. I went with the 3rd option, I believe that we should not have the detours/ delays on any movement commands from point A-B but keep them for games so that there is a way from T's to cheat on games the warden wants them to but they have to listen out for it. I also feel as hearing the words "No detours or delays" gets quite annoying after the first 10 times its said, but with that also keep the "freeze" part so that T's still have a chance to rebel over any fuck-ups the warden makes. Lastly it makes it easier for new players to get used to wardening on our severs because they wont keep tripping up and feeling bad about forgetting to say "no detours or delays" but they remember to say freeze because from past experience when i played on different JB servers to see how they were played everyone would only add freeze to the end of their orders and it made much more sense to me. Edit: Also I agree with @Revöker's statements on how it should be an LR option to make it so that detours and delays must be said after every order kind of like a Proper Englishman day where the Warden must say Terrorists and not T's etc... and if they fail to do so they get slayed or warden is instantly passed something along those lines. I feel like if this was said then it would cause the round to instantly go into chaos mode because Ts would run around i feel like it should be removed as a whole besides for games.
  8. Better then one of these
  9. I mean yeah i agree with you that killwhoring is really bad and it does sometimes kill server pop, but its part of JB its always been there and will always be. Sure we could do some things to restrict it down but then it would make things get out of place and unbalanced, i remember back when i first started playing and Monkeh was wardening if the T's had a round where there was a mass rebel he would punish them by giving them killwhore commands and always having his finger on the trigger. I feel like we should maybe add a balance where if you are constantly killwhoring every round over certain small things like a T takes an extra step or they move after 6 seconds instead of 5 its the small things like that, that get people pissed off thats when i dont like it, i admit I used to be a super big killwhore and got cted for it before, so I feel that if you spot someone killwhoring at an extremity past what is big things like Ts are rebelling constanty or they are attemping to rebel is fine to me. Its when a T messes up at the slightest and they instantly want to end their life or when they are purposefully trying to trick the T's into killing every single one of them and make it so no-one will get Lr with their commands, doing things like that is something that I would warrant a 5 round ct to let the person cool down and let them know they are going to far.
  10. Happy birthday hope its a good one !!!
  11. I made the Generic pop jb thread, whenever i click on the link it brings me to a topic waiting to be posted and has a link in it so i copy+ pasted it in my search bar and it brought me to the Thread i made
  12. Listen to this here man, he is a genius.