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  1. Rock

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    Rockys yell isnt as loud as most of the races listed here, but it could use a little tone down
  2. Rock


    Welcome to the forums
  3. Rock


    Hey welcome to the forums
  4. Rock

    DANK's App. [PENDING]

    22/20 I see the guy on war3 all the time very good person to play with
  5. Rock

    Introduce... Myself?!

    I like you already, welcome to the forums
  6. Rock

    New donation from Destin

    tries to buy his way back after being a smarty hacker boi after guessing a staff's passwords ill miss u destin
  7. Rock

    Dicey's App [PENDING]

    Jb is always my baby and ik the ppl refing u well enough to decide that u arent one of the super toxic players which means you get my vote Ref 11/20
  8. Rock

    Crack house

    The original crackhouse was not a fun thing, almost everyone hated it just be glad u weren't there for it. Thats why i am alright with having a extended version one that is bigger or more different than the shit show of the original
  9. Rock


    Boop If you don't get where this is from I'm disappointed
  10. Rock

    Happy Canada Day

    Poutine is top notch so is the maple syrup and u guys don't have Donald as ur president Im probably gonna end up in Canada
  11. Rock

    Crack house

    If you only have 2 months then how would u know what it was like with crackhouse on there Hint, it was a fuckfest of knife races and flying races and tp races, anything gay it was there thats why i want a better version of it back but still want it back cause i kinda liked the fuckfest
  12. Rock

    SmugJack's Application [PENDING]

    Idk him He likes war3 Haven't been on in long enough to see if I like him Yea sure 10/20
  13. Rock

    Crack house

    Add it back but find that extended version of it, and pls make it bomb and not hostage because there are way to many races that just run that map
  14. Rock

    Zero's App [PENDING]

    10/20 Big speakers lil dick
  15. Rock

    App [DENIED]

    Yes Fucks body pillows and has greasy hair 22/20