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  1. Wanted: Rainbow 6 Siege [Resolved by Rock]

    Yea lmfao I just got a bigggg paycheck for an entire 2 months worth of work so I felt like getting him an extra game for Christmas on top the the game I already got him for SS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wanted: Rainbow 6 Siege [Resolved by Rock]

    You're welcome enjoy the new game
  3. JB night 12/17/17

    Yea this is a big thing, but ill try to come if someone can remind me to unless i manage to remember to.
  4. ok

    Hey welcome to the forums, pineapple pizza is meh I'll eat it but not a goto for me
  5. Mouse causing lag

    This used to happen to me, but nay mouse i used would also do that, im not sure why but at some point it just stopped and it hasn't happened again
  6. New donation from Velo

    Thanks for the dono, also cute cat
  7. ZE Discord bots

    Ohhhhhh ok makes sense Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ZE Discord bots

    If we are going to do something like this, i would want it to be on a separate channel not in general cause i dont want to see this bot telling me things all the time when i dont play on the server also it could be a corner for all these ze people to go to
  9. Oh no I don’t want to play, I’m to busy for it, and also way to bad Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. First, good luck to those who will play, I personally am garbage at the game so I won’t participate but to whomever does good luck and have fun Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    I'll change it when I see that this guy can be serious at some time, cause right now he just seems dumb, i see he is trying to be funny but he's trying to hard i only ever change my opinion once i actually see how they would normally act, catch me on discord @Harmy thats where I normally am. If i see that I like you there then i would ref you for now its a no.
  12. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    Another version of jah????? @Harmy not exactly saying i don't believe you when you say you are 22, but what age are you really, no need to lie
  13. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    VRChat, one of the lesser toxic places if you find a good server/ group of friends can really have fun messing around
  14. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    Yeah... the way you made an intro like Ollie said was pretty bad, also you seem kinda toxic/ cancerous for now its a no from me, join the discord and chat it up i might change my mind.