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  1. Rock

    Newest addition to sG

    This actually made me laugh really hard lmfao it has to be her name
  2. Rock

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    Happy birthday man
  3. Rock


    This is so true I miss seeing a lot of great people especially from jb just want a day where all the old time players would all get on again and we could all play again
  4. Rock

    Happy birthday Lillabeth!

    Happy Birthday chang
  5. Rock

    Business name suggestions?

    I think that it has been long enough since the post was made that he probably has a name for it by now, or the plan got shutdown
  6. Rock

    Happy Bday Rock

    Thanks for all the bday wishes, still wont help the fact that im mad hungover in school
  7. Rock

    Happy 21st Birthday

    Happy birthday to my boi @Bluestreakid15 he turned just turned 21
  8. Rock

    Hello :)

    Welcome back
  9. just the title to this made me want to vote no, and what everyone else is saying makes me want to vote no, so in that case its a fat no from me
  10. Rock

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    Happy birthday Lindsay... don't get to fucked up
  11. Hawk, good to see u back i missed u pigeon
  12. If you join the server and get set to No-race for any reason, if you switch to thor you will have no weapons for the entire round
  13. Rock

    I'm back

    Hey good to see u again, welcome back