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  1. Rock


    hey welcome to the forums
  2. congrats new staff and thank you for all your work to those leaving their positions
  3. If anything id rather be like 5 again just so i could relive all the amazing freedoms and fun that i was able to have as a child now all it is, is hard work keeping my head up and gettin that money. It would be amazing if i could just have the freedom of not needing money for everything as a child. Life is toooooooo damn expensive But also getting to move forwards in my life and finally really getting to transition into adult hood and becoming fully independent is also something that I look forwards to cant wait for all the hopefully amazing experiences life has to bring for me
  4. 31/30 cant belive i forgot to ref u but congrats bro
  5. cant wait to graduate also just want this last month of school to go by faster
  6. Rock


    Welcome to the forums
  7. I watched this and it was actually very well made the graphics and visuals they had were really fucking nice ( probably be even better high as fuck ) but just the fact that its possible that some other life forms created us is kinda freaky but cool at the same time but im pretty damn sure that Humans wont have the resources / technology we would need in order to escape this universe and make it to another. IF we did manage to escape the universe beyond all odds then wtf would happen as soon as we escaped the universe how would we go from one universe to another anyways was a really great vid to watch really liked it tyvm for sharing it
  8. Rock


    welcome to the forums
  9. Hey welcome to forums come check out the ttt:go war3 and jb servers whenever you get the chance to
  10. Rock


    Welcome to the forums glad to hear you like TTT:GO hopefully I will see you on there in the near future
  11. dont forget about fearless and his hammer
  12. hype for these 2 I already know the prop hunt is going to be crazy, its so hard to find people
  13. Its because its already stated on the forums for SOs that their word is enough for a ban as they are trusted enough, we always just provide evidence incase of the person coming to the forums and asking for an unban
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