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      Warcraft 3 Dust Event   02/02/17

      We will be having a Warcraft 3 Event starting March 1st to March 15th. Read for more details.  


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  1. Welcome to the forums
  2. welcome to the forums
  3. welcome to the forums
  4. Welcome back Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I have spilled water on my keyboard before as well it was perfectly fine for the first 2 days after all the water had gone away but after those 2 days it completely stopped working and i had to buy a new one so you are most likely fucked..
  6. Happy Birthday Patron, make it a good one
  7. I used to play the piano when i was 5 never liked it, then in 4th grade i started to play the trumpet until the end of 5th grade because at my elementary school you were forced to then in the 7th grade I got into making beats and i have been ever since currently i use my laptop, my desktop, an electric piano that i have had for a while and my main piece of equipment a Maschine Studio.
  8. This was needed for those kids
  9. @Rayne There u go
  10. Happy birthday
  11. This feels appropriate
  12. Oh yea I see what you mean, smart move i didn't think about that
  13. Ok wow thank you so much, because of this I feel like i have a locked thing that i am going to do, I think that instead of picking one thing and sticking to it I am going to set a goal of getting a masters in Cyber security and instead of wasting more money on another class as in photography i can use what i already know about cameras/ photography ( which is alot ) and try to get a full time job in something involving cyber security and then do photography on the side like be a wedding photographer because i have heard that most make around $600 for around 5 hours at just one wedding which is good enough for food and other things on the side or just for savings and then have the cyber security job securing me a well enough pay to live and own a house and a car and in the future if i somehow manage to stay connected with sG through out it all i could help other people with the ddos protection and securing all server files and custom sG made maps so that others can't just rip the server of everything and get big off of something a community just like theirs started but got big over their own success. I must say thank you I don't how I can make it up for how you just helped me set a legitimate goal for what is going to be my future in this world.
  14. Yeah like i said i am going to be taking cyber security next year as in Cyber Security 1 which is the basics of it then depending on how i like the class i will see what will happen but i am also taking photography and its going good and its fun for me.
  15. Yea I see what you mean but like you how you excel at science and math i excel at photography and also programming/ making things but on a basic level