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    Hi Noobs

    Oh shit... its o l i v e r
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    Weab Trash

    Welcome to the forums
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    Hallo (intro)

    Welcome, brother!
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    The Bens step down thread

    Peace brother and thanks for the work on GMOD!
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    Hey Everyone

    Welcome back
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    Hey Guys

    Welcome back !
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    New donation from Rock

    thanks for the dono !
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    Happy Birthday Dawg

    happy bday
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    found my new fav server

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Rebel announcement and lego maps (Poll)

    Definitely should keep the new lego map if we are having rebelling problems (since it's a lot more open than the old version) , but I think its a bit over kill to announce exactly who is rebelling. Certain maps make it a lot easier to rebel if you know most of the secrets, like Obama for example, but most of the maps either don't have a lot of vents or secrets or its generally just more difficult to rebel on, and with this announcement thing it could make rebelling on these maps a lot harder, I think fentex is a good example of this (very open and has a little amount of vents). (mainly speaking about secret gun spots in cells) Also, this announcement could basically eliminate the strat of shooting in a stack of Ts.
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    Welcome to our servers and the forums!
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    New donation from thew

    Thanks brother!
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    Sunday Funday

    Can we make Noms the new starter for Echo_Fox and bench this P R O player?
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    Wittly Wayne App [APPROVED]

    16/20 ref