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    New donation from Im-A-Dragon

    Thanks for the donation!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    GGs and congrats Swed!
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    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Happy Birthday !
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    Sith Stepdown Thread

    Good luck with streaming and thanks for the work on Gmod!
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    In my AP Human Geography class we watched Food Inc. and it covered how secretive those slaughterhouse companies can be and their conditions for workers and animals in the slaughterhouses. The documentary was an eye-opener and really made me and my class rethink what we eat and almost made me drop some foods altogether. I might check out this documentary too if I have the time.
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    The pig screams are creepy as hell in that video. Kind of made me feel a little bit a nauseous.
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    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    ?? And fuck it I'll join in.
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    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    second CONNECT 4?!
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    I tried

    I'm a proud Dorito muncher!
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    FanService's Application [PENDING]

    ok 9/20
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    Love you

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    Hello Senpi

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    I'm Back c;

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