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  1. Spookiwi

    Toxic Server

    This honestly makes me sick. Not only do we have times on war 3 where it's hard to get people on, but now we have people who feel the need to make people feel like shit to the point where they leave. Rookie, I seriously hope you take this to the complaint department because toxicity like this is just plain horrendous. I hope that this isn't a final goodbye and you decide to come back. It's always nice to see you on helping to populate the server. To all the people who think degrading people will make you look cool in front of everyone, It doesn't. Not only do you look idiotic but you're also helping kill the server in the process.
  2. Spookiwi


    Hey Lost, great to see you wanting to help contribute to the war3 server with your maps. Welcome to the forums
  3. Spookiwi

    not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    Sadly, I can only get on my computer during the weekend but almost every day I can I hop on for a good couple of hours. Hopefully now that face is back, we can get some changes out that will bring some people onto the server again.