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  1. What up, its yaboy

    Welcome to the forums. Hope your leg is doing okay Good luck on your recruitment.
  2. Hi guys C:

    Hey darkfry, welcome to the forums. I saw you last night on TTT, though I can't remember if it was gmod or csgo. My memory serves me well Good luck on your recruitment.
  3. Another Damn ZE Weeb

    Ay, wassup. Welcome to the forums. Come check out some of the other servers if you get the chance. Good luck on your recruitment since I'm late to the club :^) Weeb
  4. TheWaffler is back

    Hey, welcome back
  5. Kimsgrim - Formerly ninjasalad

    Ay, welcome to the forums 9 years is pretty long. Come try out some of the other servers if you get the chance.
  6. The Ben's topic

    Hey Ben! Welcome to the forums. If you ever want to try something new come try out some of sG's csgo servers. We have TTT on csgo as well.
  7. Hello

    Hai hai, welcome to the forums! Minigames can be pretty fun if you get people on, so just hmu if you want to play. War3 is also a pretty good server to play on, though it might take a little getting used to.
  8. Hey new here

    Hey, welcome to the forums If you ever have the time come check out some of the other servers like minigames or war3.
  9. Greetings

    Hey nukes, welcome to the forums Please stop killing me on war3
  10. What up, its yaboy

    Ay, welcome to the forums. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. New donation from darkfrywarrior

    Thank you for the donation
  12. Start's Application [PENDING]

    ezpz ref. Super nice guy.
  13. School Survey

    I love food. I appreesh you kitkat. [emoji1362] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Happy Birthday AJ!

    Happy old day Ate @ajsimeon! I may be 2 hours early for you (since you cali scrub) but I'm riiiiight on the dot my time \O/ (I may ot may not be a few minutes late since I studying for exam) Maligayang bati, Maligayang bati. Maligayang Maligayang Maligayang bati. Happy 64th birthday
  15. Hi guys C:

    Hello darkfry, welcome to the forums Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk