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    I like anime, sleeping, gaming, and sleeping.

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  1. BabyNicol3

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Thank you trucka! We can code all you want, just don't grade me :D Thank you Booch! Thank you vexer! Thank you Falcon! I old. Thank you Kingpin! thank you Sponsored! Thank you Beeeen! Thank you Lindsayyy! Thank you Guardian! Thank you BJ! Thank you Ironic! Thank you BBB! Thank you Taz. This is a bit late, but yes there was a stream. It was at midnight hehe. Thank you Rock! How many rounds you paying for? ;) Thank you Drey! Thank you Fuze! Thank you Bluestreak! Thank you Kateesh! Thank you Sakarra Thank you Wolfshade! Thank you fake doctor #1! Thank you FaZe! Thank you Aristocrat, better late than never ;) Thank you, everyone! Sorry for replying late myself - it's been quite an eventful week.
  2. BabyNicol3

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    uhoh. I got caughted
  3. BabyNicol3

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    When I was nominated for the NBF award but almost no one knows what I look like
  4. BabyNicol3

    Happy birthday to my tilt-partner

    Happy happy birthday!
  5. BabyNicol3

    GCC CS:GO Random 5V5 Tournament

    I'm ready to die every round and come in last place o/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/babynicol3/ STEAM_0:1:72068737
  6. BabyNicol3


    Bye bye sweetrock. I wish you well. If you do make it back, please bring back stickers and lollipops!
  7. BabyNicol3

    Sorry I'm rude.

    Hi! Welcome to the Introductions part of the forums haha
  8. BabyNicol3


    Hi zero! Welcome to the forums (:
  9. BabyNicol3


    Hi! Welcome to the forums. (:
  10. BabyNicol3

    Happy Birthday Pseudo Doctor

    Happy birthday, Pseudo @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV. You're like 90 years old now \O/
  11. I see you stealing my diamonds on Minecraft! THIEEEEEFFFFFFFFFF! *screams in Spanish*

    1. cookie eater

      cookie eater

      No you arent!


  12. BabyNicol3

    Happy birthday darkfalcon

    Happy birthday @DarkFalcon ! April Fools! ...Or is it?
  13. BabyNicol3

    Hello Folks

    Hi Kano! Welcome back to sG and the forums. How’ve you been? Life can be pretty taxing, I feel you. My name is Nicole and it’s nice to meet you. If you have counter strike, come check out minigames sometime
  14. BabyNicol3


    HiHi! Welcome to the forums. Good luck on your recruitment
  15. BabyNicol3

    Wassup Y'all

    Hi! Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear about your other account, that's quite unfortunate. Come check out minigames if you ever get the chance though!