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  1. https://register.ubisoft.com/acu-notredame-giveaway/en-US RIP Notre Dame
  2. Happy belated birthday Trucka!
  3. Happy birthday @DarkFalcon! JK April Fools. Gottem.
  4. Thanks booch. You may now go back under your rock.
  5. So this is where my chicken nugget allowance went. Thanks
  6. Hiya! Welcome to the forums.
  7. Does this mean fearless is stepping down again?
  8. Minimalize humans, just what I wanted.
  9. Happy birthday, child! I wish you all the best. @spiderpigrider Don't do anything I wouldn't do
  10. Thank you for the donation Dark Fry :}
  11. When there's not a single I or i in his post so that means he doesn't qualify. Good. One less person.
  12. I. When spider was the only person to ask what timezone. He the real MVP.
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