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  1. So i won the animated spray prize. I assume the file size and dimension limit are the same. I wanted my spray to be a surprise but after 5 sprays still over 256kb limited I gotta have to ask help I selected the clamp option and put at 256x256. I selected no mipmap, no level of minimum mipmap. I reduced the frames on all sprays in half. I cannot select one bit alpha option. Dunno if its because the spray is animated. I always get close to 300 kb but not the 256 kb file size limit. Is there any other ways to make it smaller? Or the file size doesn't matter since I won animated spray prize. Also all these animated sprays have alpha channels. Do that make the sprays' file size larger?
  2. aDeadMan

    My ZE event token wins

    Nov 21 4PM PST Star Boss Win+Froyo https://imgur.com/1IwdCxT 6PM PST Crazy Escape https://imgur.com/vubjmtr 4PM PST Cyber Derp https://imgur.com/vGYXoSy 9PM PST Predator https://imgur.com/xcfxiKU 10pm PST Wanderer https://imgur.com/iT4NeuJ Nov 22 12 PM PST Stone TEmple https://imgur.com/a/egmvr 8 PM PST Wanderer lvl 3 https://imgur.com/a/nROsF
  3. aDeadMan

    ZE Team War SignUp

    Team Lindsay http://steamcommunity.com/id/aRandomAznDude/