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  1. Lick my nuts

  2. in-game console getting spammed.

    Thats what happens when you got 40+ plugins built in the server. The red text is meaningless unless you crash consistently.
  3. sG Fantasy Football 2016

    through 8 weeks my starting RB has more FP than my starting QB
  4. sG Fantasy Football 2016

    finally number one in my division
  5. [Serious] Supernatural and the Unexplained

    Fuck typing all that out really made me uneasy. I remembered more of my trip. Im pretty sure they were a Mennonite community. I tried to see on google maps if there is a streetview of this place. Unfortunately there is not but it looks like this community still exists on google earth. Im pretty sure that they arent apart of the government's zoning plan, the nearest street from this place is 26 km away and it literally translates to "street B". The only way i know this place exist is thanks to my mom. I think i will go during the summer. This place has been around for like 100 years according to my mom.
  6. [Serious] Supernatural and the Unexplained

    Let me just preface this This happened to me and hasn't happened again. We don't say a word about this, mostly in fear of her showing up again. I am not religious, and I still believed what happened to me is not some sort of coincidence or whatever. You ever just look at the tree-lines behind your house at night? The only thing that you can see small subtle brushes of bush and wood and dirt. I remember when I was like 12 I had really bad sleeping problems and one of the things that I would do to get myself prepped to go to sleep (I had a hard time getting tired at night) is to just look outside my window. Something about the peace and calm atmosphere outside really soothed me. I would often stare outside for hours in the middle of the night. I remembered each tree from left to right, at one point, because during the day I would play outside and see these trees and point out which one was which from my bedroom window. Eventually I started to sleep quickly and it only really took like 20 minutes of looking outside for me to get sleepy. I remembered the exact detail of the treeline. One tree was clearly in the middle from the viewpoint of my window, and it was the "stubbiest" one, it was just an old fat tree and I guess the trees immediately around it had be cut to the stump before I lived there. Then 20 feet from that fat tree the treeline started again. Each were some type of birch so you can sort of see them at night even when my backyard light wasn't on (It was motion sensor light and I had 2 dogs in my backyard). The trees were all fairly old and they would often be indistinguishable at the very top of the treeline because there was many leaves and branches that tangled each other. Where we lived, each neighbor was not closer than 50 yards. I only had one neighbor to the left and other far southwest of my house. Even though the far southwest house was not in direct sight of my house, you can often see where their backyard was because of their floodlight that was always on through the night. This sort of helped illuminate some of the trees in this forest. At night you can hear the wind and the leaves even when your window was shut so I didn't have to open it to enjoy the peace and natural sounds. One day I couldn't fall asleep in the regular 20 minutes that I was used to so I stayed up extra late looking into my treeline. My room was not completely dark as I had an extension cord in my room and the sockets had a bright LED light around them. For whatever reason the color of these LED's were blue. So you can definitely look on the outside in from my window and you can definitely see my head right next to my curtain as I peeked outside. I must have been staring outside for about an hour and a half, and when you look for this long at something you are put in some sort of trance. I could not tell myself to look behind me or to stop looking. I was only focused on the treeline. Eventually in my peripheral, I saw something that was off-colored. It was bleached white, I lost my trance because I have never seen such a clean white color in this treeline. I looked at it and I could make out what looked like a dress. Not a dress on the floor, but on someone. It was looking at me. It must of looked at me when I was in my trance. The face, was not clear. It was a black-haired individual, long black, and the dress was very clean. It was a woman from what I can tell. The face not real to me, she lacked a nose and her face was not familiar to anything that resembled "human". She definitely had eyes because I felt her look at me though. I immediately let go of the curtains, and wrapped myself up. For some reason I could not here the wind or the branches or the leaves outside my window this time. It was quiet, until I heard the leaves crunch away from me. I did not sleep well that night and I remembered what she looked like each time I closed my eyes. When the next day came I was seriously considering going out there with my jack-knife. I did not want to go sleep wondering if she is looking at my window, waiting for me to look back. I decided to go to the forest with my jack-knife and a flashlight just in case it got dark. My mom caught me as I was about to jump my wood post in my backyard. I explained the situation to her as well as a 12 year old could. As soon as I said I saw someone outside my window, she asked immediately, if she was wearing white. I swear she told me this. I almost freaked out and she clearly knew that it was her again. Apparently back when my mom was around my age then, she had a best friend who was sold off because her family could not afford to feed a family of 6 and she was the oldest. My mom grew up in a protestant tight-knit community so this was kind of common. This friend could not just join a family all willy nilly in the eyes of god. She needed to marry in to join the family (according to this community). She married the son of a rancher, and the son was known to be VERY religious. He would beat her for when she has sinned. She was clearly flogged and raped, as my mother would put it as "there was not scars on her face, but she bled everywhere else". Eventually like a month after all this, the friend was finally done, and she hung herself with her dress on some lynching tree (the tree was for heretics, not blacks). This friend was VERY religious and killing yourself is not something that is common at all. The son of the rancher did not take kindly to this so he cut down her body and left it on her bed until she decayed to the point where the son of the rancher could not bear the smell. My mother said she never had a funeral because of this and was buried not very well, at the most, her body was placed in a hole that was only 4 or so feet deep. This is what she told me so bear in mind that this is just hearsay but I once visited her hometown recently and the vibe is really fucking creepy. The town was only powered by a generator between 10 am and 5 pm. After that the town is really fucking dark. There is no streetlight and candles are really common. The town preacher welcomed me with two kids who recently their commission, they prayed with me and drew a cross on my head with baptism water. I am thinking about going back there to take some pictures but not with at least 3 willing friends.
  7. sG Fantasy Football 2016

    I feel bad for whoever had to go up against julio jones and matty ice this week