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  1. Opinions are cool

    I buy tomes because I want to quickly get my max levels up and get that sweet 99% completion. If there was someone shop whoring I'd play Sin or default. The only items that are worth buying on most races are mask, claws, totem, and necklace in that order. I really don't mind tomes because that means less people are inclined to shop whore which could mean other people on the server could level at their own leisure, having the option to buy XP from tomes or get kills with the help of shop items. If the shop prices were lowered then I'd like to see an increase from XP gained from killing enemies, that way it maximizes shop whore's XP gain while leaving the alone those who want to level.
  2. An Opinion

    Why does hederine's aura also affect teammates? I hate magenta
  3. Lick my nuts

  4. in-game console getting spammed.

    Thats what happens when you got 40+ plugins built in the server. The red text is meaningless unless you crash consistently.