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  1. ok

    Welcome to the forums.
  2. ZE Discord bots

    I think he was referring to crobats ze discord.
  3. ZE Discord bots

    This is something you should ask crobat, it's his server. He's away for the weekend so ask him when he comes back, via pm on the forums, discord, or on steam if you have him added. Edit: We can always just post a gameme link and pin it instead of adding a bot.
  4. What up, its yaboy

    Welcome to the forums.
  5. Guide to Ze (BOSSES ADDED)

    I just wanted to point out that !spec is admin only. To add on, we have !selfgag (player) which hides player messages from you, and !selfungag which will allow you to see that persons messages again.
  6. Another Damn ZE Weeb

  7. I am is of the returned.

    Welcome back! Good to see more ZE ppl joining/coming back. I think I recall playing with you before, but I have such poor memory so I can’t confirm it. Edit: List of some new commands: !sb, !perks, !voteleader.
  8. Kimsgrim - Formerly ninjasalad

    Welcome to the forums.
  9. Hi guys C:

    Hey dark, welcome to the forums.
  10. Hello

  11. Hey new here

  12. hey everyone i am new here

  13. Im 17 now :P

    Happy birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    Happy birthday!
  15. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    3 days off next week; thank you for the delay.