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  1. You've played GMOD before. If you saw CD post, you'd know people lose their shit for a brief moment and don't think it so far.
  2. I don't think you can type anything with the response screen up my friend.
  3. Yeah but you shouldn't really do that anyways. @tazmanianxdude he was trying to copy and paste a rule for his report.
  4. He's fun to play with and a great paidmin! Ref! <3
  5. SELLOUT! Welcome!
  6. I already finished all 3 achievements a hour in...get out of here... It's not hard as long as everyone doesn't rdm like mad men.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Happy buttday!
  9. Maybe it's time to not take the game serious and play it for fun with friends.
  10. So instead of MMing for fun, you make it seem like a chore to win it instead of enjoying yourself.
  11. Comp isn't dead. I think people just don't want to comp with you so you use the excuse that you lost interest as the reason for you deranking.
  12. Hey

  13. Hey

    Welcome. Are you Rebecca?
  14. Could be, come over and find out.