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  1. @Travesty... I swear if you tagged me because it's math related.
  2. LOL.... Roblox...
  3. Well, the best way I handle it is by aiming up higher so I don't aim at the ground in order to call the corpse out..
  4. @Swed had me dying.
  5. It was a silver 1 game actually.
  6. The other guy didn't reload his p90 and literally missed everything and couldn't pull out his knife fast enough I assume.
  7. Here we have @Avenger clutching a round that should've been a lost. Excuse the cheesing. There you go Avenger, you got the clip, boyo.
  8. Well, everyone pretty much said everything I would've. I for one, have been in both sides of your situation more than I should have. Kudos to you for doing what you thought was right. Excuse the word "thought" there. I meant to say "KNOW".
  9. Yaya, enjoy! It's March, get it right.
  10. Welcome to the forums! You would like those things spider.
  11. Zowie Final Mouse has been the best to me. I went through so many mice.
  12. we dont talk about this.
  13. Oh my. I'm sorry for you're loss. I hope things get better for you soon.
  14. Hi

    Well come.