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  1. Get Schwifty's Application

    Ref (THANKS FOR NOT ASKING) Really fun guy to play on TTT and is pretty chill. Also a superb admin if I could add.
  2. hmmm

    I guess that's one way to make sure you are ready for mid terms if they are in a alt school.

    Even though I told you not to do this, thank you bby. SIDENOTE: I fucking hate anime.
  4. HBD Wintergreen

    Happy birthday @Wintergreen
  5. I love sG

    The weeknd actually.
  6. It's not a job, it's a hobby. I probably have more hours than most of the GMOD SO's to be honest. I also am on during the graveyard hours. Should I also brag that I have a job and triple majoring and still have time to put in the hours because that seems to be a good excuse to be active lol. Go look at my source bans and you tell me how long I play a day. @DannyShr can probably vouch this lol. Anyways, I'm pretty much done arguing with a dead dog that only knows 1 trick. I'll just have fun searching for ways to get you banned again. Let the games begin mate. SN: I never knew I was a staff member. This is news to me.
  7. In the process of moving. I'd love to screenshot many servers that offer it for you but I'm sure you'd just find another way to find a argument out of it.
  8. Good job, you were entitled to a rank that took no effort. Please claim your prize over here.
  9. Lol. Almost 99% of all servers will offer an admin rank or donor for money. That's nothing new. Community members in other servers work the same way as this almost. I don't see your point. I guess your enforcing is just abuse because you clearly couldn't handle it for a day at MINIMUM. I don't know what autism really is. But I surely wasn't getting my panties in a bunch and not having the patience for someone to add you to the admin rank like you did. It's like a child not getting his ice cream on time.
  10. Seems like people can't play fair to own only 1 acc. You did act entitled though.. Lol.
  11. Did I mention he has multiple vacs and a few permas on GMOD servers?
  12. Weren't you the one to pull the trigger on the insults on the community first though?
  13. Or maybe it's the GIRL GAMER card?
  14. Yeah, lets ban for posting links! @DMODW
  15. Weren't you just insulting almost everyone in previous posts? Lol. I smell some hypocrisy here.