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  1. 「DG」 cj2tech

    New section of the forum

    Their should be a section in the general forum specifically for trading, selling, giveaways, and maybe even deals you found online and want to share
  2. 「DG」 cj2tech

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    I don't believe that adding about 105 words will complicate the rules more. And I'm not saying use my suggestions word for word they are just ideal edits. And this is not a rare occasion, you can go on the jb server any time it is active see at start a order, as soon as you say "All Ts' walk/crouch walk" you will see t move regardless if the command is complete. Just look for it next time you'll see what I mean. I'm not arguing I'm just making suggestions and voicing my opinion while having a calm cool discussion. I couldn't care less if they act upon my words. But the issue is that the person doing the free-killing thinks they are doing right and no one is correcting them. That's what I'm getting at. But I see what your talking about.
  3. 「DG」 cj2tech

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    And this is proof that there needs to be some clarity No but the general rule is they need 5 seconds to compile or be kos. And no one really and as you see above it could be argued if that "timer" starts at the begin or the end of the command This I just a general rule that used to be followed by staff and not on the official rules. But I feel like it should be on the rules as a mean to deter people from doing so. It's not just the hacks that are the issue. There are bind going around that make yous and stop really fast that change your hitbox really quickly to lessen the chance of people hitting you. I saw it used a couple of times on the server. Plus its stated in the global rules already if you ever read them. But doing that gives you a unfair advantage to the people would don't do it. Plus kinda goes hand in hand with my response of the previous question. Think about using binds/macros in cookie clicker how op that would be.
  4. 「DG」 cj2tech

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    Those were just few examples. It can be distraction and take peoples attention from focusing on the prisoners on orders. That wasn't my first message and I do understand that. I'm not trying to be rude just saying if you want to abuse your powers it should be done in a way that it can disrupt or disturbed the game. And i mean like for the whole game. Like Dont just leave props in the way just for the lolz. I'm not saying that the rules are the only reason for the pop drop. I feel like the staff are a little to balm and the vets who bend the rules. Nor am i say everyone is to blame but they problems shouldn't go unnoticed.
  5. 「DG」 cj2tech

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    OK so I used to play jb everyday a while back. But now its hard to even get a pop going on it. And really this can be said about most of the server. I feel like that the rules of the jailbreak server are hugely out dated and need to be nerfed/buffed, Both on t and ct sides. ct have so many rules to follow yet can pretty much get away with free-killing with no recoil. T's can clam so much and bend the rules to get there way. I've also notice alot of staff abuse in this gamemode out of boredom. Which is understandable but they are distracting other player from playing the game in which the came to the server for. Today I played on jb and admins where destroying parts of the map, blocking players in lr room with signs, picking up props while dead, ect. If you are bored please be bored in a remote part of the map or just surf the web or something. I watched the server pop go form 24 to 8 because of this. These are just my thoughts and suggestions and unfinished ones at that. Here are some recommendations on addition and subtractions to the rules bolded items are changes: Counter-Terrorists (Guards, Police, etc..) CT’s are allowed to... Use a voice changer as long as orders are clear, and it isn’t annoying.(If asked by anyone they must stop) Definitions Freekilling -A CT killing a T that is not rebelling or is following orders.(Freekilling may result in a ct result in ct ban unless self slay ) Follow a warden order within 3 seconds or less (5 is to much an ts' can get away in alot of that time) Detour & Delay Taking a longer path, not moving (given 3 second start delay at the end of a order), or jumping on a move command, unless over an obstacle (eg. fence, rock, typing, trying to complete an order, ect)[I feel 5 is too long and is way to much time for a coherent person to follow orders] Pardon Warden relieving a Terrorist of punishments for, not following orders, or rebelling.(You can not pardon people out of favoritism and delaying the game intentionally ) Camping A player that stays in a given area for a prolonged amount of time, while showing no intent of leaving (Including both T & CT) A player that stares at a given area for a prolonged amount of time, while showing no intent of looking elsewhere Watching vents for a prolong amount of time.(With the intent to kill rebelers ) Baiting (Dong any of the following may result in a CT ban or Slay) A CT is baiting if… They are standing within knifing distance of a T. Within the path of a T who is following an order. Inside a T’s cell while the T is in front of it. A CT is messaging/verbally baiting if… They say words similar to another word in a game in order to get T’s killed eg. saying “nest” instead of “west” or “bo” instead of “go” They ask or answer trivia question when not warden, or aren’t designated by w Hacking/Scripting/Macros The use of any of these are strictly prohibited(Offenders may be kicked, ct banned, or banned from the server) The following are common used of Hacking/Scripting/Macros: Aim hacks Wall Hacks Rapid fire macros (ex. pressing e at inhuman speeds) spin bots/scripts/macros/binds
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