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  1. cs_jailbreak_v1

    @KiD Fearless Are you going to do any updates to fix / change the map?
  2. JahIsLoved application [PENDING]

    Ref - Good guy, doesnt talk much but plays server all the time
  3. Warcraft 3 Map List (12/11/2016)

    Removed old d2 - added new d2.
  4. Warcraft 3 Changelog

    The real Dust2 is now back on the server.
  5. Introduction my dudes

    Hello and welcome.
  6. Warcraft 3 Map List (12/11/2016)

    Removed some underplayed and disliked maps.
  7. Divinity original sin 2

    I bought the game with GM mode in mind in particular - i'll play one if your planning on hosting one.
  8. Racism

    "In an online community mostly made of of angsty teenage boys, with online presences where background, identity, and race are otherwise unknown, a blanket ban on toxic language targeting marginalized people is a effective and efficient step to preventing a cesspool of shitheads. It certainly beats trying to make each person doxx themselves to explain the context and function of the language in question, and then leave a case by case judgement regarding the delicate nature of language, oppression, and identity of its appropriateness in the hands of a bunch of people I wouldn't trust to pick out clean underwear. " Conidering my entire post had nothing to do with the servers views on racism(Which at the very end of the post i even stated what the views of sG are), was was directed towards beerman and our convo we had during a team speak conversation( I thought it was obveous looking at it, even when i said this was all off topic, but ok my fault on that.) "Yeah, y'all. Don't push your opinions on others! They should be free to push their oppressive views on minority groups and use language that has historically functioned to subjugate marginalized communities for centuries!" Read the first line as it was directed towards our conversation, but sure take the one snippet directed at him and use it to fit how you wish it would be saying. Seeing as it may not have been clear from the start since @Beerman pulled me into this conversation out of nowhere and i only responded to him about our older conversation - i'll re-state a few things. The entire post was directed to beerman. I stated the clans views on the OP's Question about racism at the end of the post to stay on top. Beerman was saying how the use of the N word(In the "Real world" is racist in of itself (More particularity if it had a R) I was stating that it doesnt make it inherently racist, And that it has more to do with intent and context - And for this case in particular that R is used, "even by the targeted people." Anyways - the rest of my post should be well and clear with this small but not full background of the convo. If you still want to take small bits and make your stawman and hyperbolic replies feel free - as i have nothing to do with, nor do i want to be apart of this conversation beyond what beerman and i spoke.
  9. Racism

    Funny - That wasn't even how the conversation went . Ultimately it does boil down to context now, because the word has evolved passed what it was before. I told you i lived with and around many black people. The word is used non-stop all the time in all variations. Personally i believe someone like you, who isn't part of the culture, know of the situation, or been personally around the entire culture itself ( When i asked you if you lived / grew up / been around / etc you said no. You are outside said "Bubble" ) shouldn't even have a comment at all about the word and how its used for other people. What i find hilarious is people - example white, decide whats racist for other people and then force it onto others. If you think its racist, don't use it. That's perfectly fine, good on you. But don't push your views, especially if there limited, on other people. ( This can be used / said to a lot of people in the world ) Ultimate it comes down to this. Intent. Context. The word is used. The "Target" even uses the word in all forms. The word has grown beyond and shifted into something now good. Stop holding onto the past. If people want to say it, and they do say it - then by all means allow them. They are saying it not in old form, but the new form. If you cant see this or understand that, then that's fine. Just don't use the word. In case you are wondering, as some might be reading this - i don't say it. Its not in my vocabulary. Its not part of me, But the word is for many others and i believe they can use it as much as they want. EDIT Back to the main question of this thread as it was derailed: According to sG rules the word would be considered racist and warn/kick rule would start. As well as them trying to loophole.
  10. Dungeons and Dragons

    The game i run is ATM on Sundays myself - as well as 5 others or so that play around would probably have scheduling conflicts. Personally Fridays/Sat would probably be the days we could get people together from what i gathered last time i get people.
  11. Dungeons and Dragons

    I have been looking to play as a player for a long time now - DM'n is fun and all but i wanna play once and awhile ya know what i mean? Anyways id be down. Cant be sundays as thats when i DM, mabye friday?
  12. Warcraft 3 Map Creator Event

    @KiD Fearless @Mr.Thaco-Olmon I need you to get ahold of me for the rest of your prizes. @KiD Fearless First pick between Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Donated by sG | KiD Fearless), or Wolfenstein: The New Order (Donated by sG | Tyrone [SO]) @Mr.Thaco-Olmon Gets the one he doesnt pick. I presume i know which one he will pick... but still need it official.
  13. sG official YouTube channel

    Should get a random DND session in - a good one though. Sure that will bring up a few laughs - and questions....
  14. North American Footyball

    When i had more time id follow the cowboys. Now i havent been following them for a few years, but they will always be my team.