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  1. Not enough info on report.
  2. Fixed description to accurately reflect the skill
  3. I added Shikaku158, shows hasnt logged in in over a year and only has 1.6 hours in source. You sure thats you?
  4. Were you still interested? if you were - add me to steam/send me a message on forum/discord. Were you still interested? if you were - add me to steam/send me a message on forum/discord.
  5. We play once a week - mabye twice if its a short session. But on your note about "Is our campaign over now because we missed a week? lol" We didnt play in 3 weeks! lol. Nothing against you, when you said youd come, you were there - and that story is still going on. Its just we lost people and when we miss what few we have, even if they say "Play without me" we cant because we just dont have the people. Example: Fug/Trav/Don/mark are not there, but say play without them, Bcock quit. That leaves literaly the DM and two players. Cant play with that lol. And yes i agree we fight abit to often, but alot of that i believe is on the group choosing to go directly into combat instead of talking, exploring, RP'n. I love to RP, and i know, especialy as a DM that pike must have set up RP stuff too - but then the players will just ignore/cut through all the planned RP and just fight instead throwing away all the backstory and plans the DM had lol. But anyways to summerize it wasnt trying to throw anyone under the bus - just trying tom refill our roster. Pikes group is still going, we just need to fill the holes up with some new players. Yea as i said sometimes fighting does happen - and trumps RP, but sometimes - that happens cause the group rushes into battle instead of RP'n and enjoying themselves. I love the RP nature, and wish i had people around who also wanted to thats what makes DND fun. As a DM i know im guilty of sometimes going fight to fight without much RP, but im a new DM so im still improving and working on stuff. Im trying to get much more RP in my games, but again thats hard to do if you dont have enough members playing to get the flow of the story going off of each other,
  6. If you were interested in joining - add me on steam / contact me in TS or send me a PM on the forums/discord.
  7. Well if this time this is a serious question - i can say that the last game you played was not representative of what actually goes on in dnd. Besides the fact he through together a simple scenario in 30 mins - and the fact that we had people who basically didn't care/was there for shits and giggles - and the rules weren't followed - the game became a cluster fuck. I can tell you that games where everyone there wants to play, and doesn't purposely make it sound like there 4 year old's the game is quite fun.
  8. Bcock doesnt play anymore.
  9. Well, the people who seem to be there every game atm are Myself, Pike, Water, Tansen Others who either never have time to play or play randomly are Trav, don, mark, Fug. Though we cant really count on them showing up reliably, or even at all, which is why we are looking for more people now. We dont mind teaching, as long as the person has time and wants to play / will show up and continue playing. More people who speak and RP the better - as its hard for people to RP off people who dont reciprocate.
  10. What was the old rank before jb started to go empty this time? Just wondering.
  11. Yes 5e. Depends on a time sheet we set up ussualy to see when we can all play - but generaly its friday/weekend - and mabye sometimes a day during the week more rarely
  12. Hey, as some of you may know we have a DND group that likes to play every week. We recently had two different sessions going, with two different DMs. However, peoples lives have changed and some people that used to play no longer want to - or no longer have the time to play anymore. We are looking for more people to join us and play some DND. We want people who have a stable scheduled and have the time to commit to play with us. Experience isn't needed, we will teach you all you need to know so don't worry about being shy. Love for the game is good as it will make you want to play and enjoy the game more. The most important thing we are looking for is people who will have the time to play, and will show up when we set up the event dates. EDIT - We do 5e
  13. -Updated with new prizes-
  14. I see your online, its almost time get on ts. And on topic - To much change original i like more
  15. Poor don - confirmed unfuckible