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  1. An Opinion

    If you read it closely you can see it shows maxed and unmaxed.
  2. Opinions are cool

    The thing about shopmenu is it can be hard to balance. The disparity between Good Bad and Normal players is a long line. If you make shopmenu cheaper - sure it might encourage the normal playerbase to buy more stuff besides tomes, but then you create an issue where the higher end Good players will be even stronger because they will shopwhore easier. SInce they are now stronger, they will punce the other players quicker, easier, faster. Causing them to go back to just buying tomes cause they die and lose the item right away. Theres alot - alot more to balance then just this one example. But this example alone contridicts your original goal of having people use items more instead of tomes.
  3. HELLO!

    Hello i seen you in the server.
  4. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Raffle Results Open Raffle 50 Level bank Levels @HelloJoe 6 Months of Warcraft 3 Supporter @Trelvick $25.00 Steam Gift Card @nc Remainder Quest Prizes Choice of $20.00 Game @Mr.Thaco-Olmon 3 Months of Warcraft 3 Supporter @epickillerj sG Member's Only Raffle Expertise @-Sharp- Choice of $60.00 Game @sweetrock Secret Raffle Secret Prize @Nozraci Prize Collection Congratulations to all of the Raffle Winners! Please contact @ATG_AGENT ASAP so we can get the process of you collecting your prizes Please have patience while you wait for your prize Hope you enjoyed this Christmas and New years, see you on the Server!
  5. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Take a screenshot of your gold with the gold command. Then put tickets into what raffle you want to be apart of. First two tickets (Per prize) are 100 each then doubles after.
  6. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    A reminder today is the lat day you can submit your tickets for the raffle! Dont forget! Also please make sure if you edited / changed / added tickets in a later post please put them all in your original post with the picture!
  7. Thaco's Application [APPROVED]

  8. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Since people have been adding new tickets for the raffle, please put the Edited total of tickets per prize in your original post with the screenshot. If you forget to do this you may lose out on tickets.
  9. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    You have to tell me where you want to put it How many tickets per which prize?
  10. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    After confirming something about the plugin - i apologize and you do indeed have the kills required for the event. Congrats!