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    Plays piano, soccer, tennis. Is super busy with school yet plays video games all day
  1. I'm thinking just unmuting the ALIVE t's with 10 or less players, which means about 5-7 t's I think same rules that apply to CT's should apply to them, if they mic spam or talk over warden, they should be warned or kicked.
  2. Me and a few others were thinking and pretty much everyone I talked to thought that it would be pretty nice that if we added a plugin or something that made it so t's were unmuted if there are less than 10 players online. Also I know people were already talking about this but adding basic lr as an addition to the custom lr's that we have. What do you guys think?
  3. na m8 more like mg1 xd definitely mg1 ;-;
  4. csgo 33% off time to buy a smurf acc xd xd xd
  5. nu
  6. I'm on MG right now, trying to pop it, but if someone wants to play something else I would like to play jb or ttt, also
  7. what server? ive been on mg for a while waiting ;-;
  8. when? xd
  9. hey i've noticed that most of the servers are usually pretty dead almost all day so I think we should try to populate them and keep them populated, I prefer mg or jb but whatever servers you guys like, we should try to populate them! We need at least 8 players on for mg for most of the event achievements but we shouldn't try to pop only for the event, just to have some fun, also
  10. I used the same mouse, I still use it currently, no problems with it so far and I've had it for over 2 years.. just don't leave it outside in 90 degrees xd
  11. I like having clarity and being able to do more things instead of just, whatever the warden says no matter what you have to do it... I like how it was unique from the other servers. But I'm willing to try it out and see how it does for a while.
  12. I think the 8 map thing is a good idea, I'm not sure what I think about the detours and delays being included in every order. I think it would be good if we re-casted the vote in like a week or a month or something and see if people want to keep it how it is or being it back where you have to say no detours or delays..
  13. Yes, 13th of June, I thought I would be back later on the 12th then be able to be on on the 13th but I'm back now.
  14. I'm just making this to tell you guys that if I'm not on or I don't respond to any of you it's cause I'm at summer camp, I'll be back in the 13th.
  15. Welcome to the forums!