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  1. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    ye, it's a really simple application format tho
  2. In-game Name: TheOrangeGrape How did you find sG? Jailbreak Have you read, and understand the rules? Yes
  3. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    Last thing, in the rules you say no 1x1 pillars, but could you build one to make a skybase? Maybe remove the pillar after you get high enough?
  4. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    How will anyone get any money in the beginning? Will we start with $500 or something? There will be shops but how will anyone be able to buy anything in the beginning? Will we be able to vote or do certain things for money?
  5. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    edit: I know about the sign shop but how would anyone sell anything if no one starts out with money? Will there be a specific area for sign shops or will you have to go to people's houses and hope they have a shop? I know it's against the rules but is there anything to prevent someone from doing it? If someone did end up griefing would there be a way to find out who it was?
  6. Minecraft Vanilla Server Rules

    You said no 1x1 towers but could you make one to make a skybase, then remove the pillar?
  7. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    could someone just bring some tnt and blow your house up though? including your chests/furnaces/doors..? or will tnt not be alloud in the build zome or somethin edit: Also, do you think you could add some commands like /tpa? And what will /pay be used for? Will there be a shop in spawn? How will you get money?
  8. CSGO streamer streams himself cheating

    just saw this on my recommended for some reason, found a youtuber streaming himself cheat. I heard him say "all the music I play is copywrited." lol.... ?? He's recording himself and I guess he's in LE.. He even has advertisements in the description for cheats..
  9. Happy birthday Yunki!

    Happy birthday!
  10. JB Population/Competition

    There are many posts but still, people aren't doing enough to actually populate it. Sure a few posts populated it for a night or two but we need to start being on more often. Is going to be hard with school going on and stuff though. Maybe try to populate it every night? I think having an event or some type of competition is a good idea, but what kind of competition do you have in mind?
  11. Populate sG servers and JB!

    We should really have more people playing on the servers daily. I think one of the best ways to bring in new players is if we become more active and start playing more often, maybe even daily. Why not start with just trying to populate a server now? Let's pop jb! Every once in a while we get some new players, but they usually end up leaving because the servers are usually not populated, Let's populate the servers, and keep them populated!
  12. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    happy birthday!
  13. hmmm

  14. Free Speech

  15. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    POP JB!