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    Plays piano, soccer, tennis. Is super busy with school yet plays video games all day
  1. Hey

    Welcome! c:
  2. I've heard that there could be a dust 2 remake sometime soon xdxd what i've seen so far is pretty interesting c;
  3. http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1139961 Gold Nova 1 https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=181513486&token=Bbgkjxr_ no captain
  4. :c I want to compete but I don't know if I can because I can only be online for a certain amount of time :cccc crippling depressionnn
  5. bois......... wot are ur favourite memes bois xd xd xd xd xd xd
  6. Don't forget what Christmas is really about! :3
  7. Hey last night skins broke again so if someone could get on and fix that real quick that would be nice, lol thanks. btw.. should I just PM someone instead of posting? If I do post what should I put it under, or is spam good..? -TheOrangeGrape
  8. When I went to see all the sG servers I noticed quite a few CSS servers, but I didn't see a single person on any of them. I was wondering if we were planning on keeping those still up because I think if we took a couple or all of them down it would be easier to get a new skill surf server etc.. -TheOrangeGrape
  9. SlowestSundew7 in the last 10 minutes has commited 5 mfks yet there are no admins online. Just today there have been at least 6 mfks in just the time that I've been online and the whole time there have been no admins online.
  10. Okay.. well technically it doesn't GIVE players the skins it's just on the specific server. It doesn't go into their inventory, just to be clear.. but yeah okay that's fine
  11. Does anyone have any idea why the player skins in sG jailbreak constantly keep breaking or how we could prevent it?? Just wondering.. It's pretty annoying ;-;
  12. It doesn't effect it I'm just saying some people like to have it when they're just messing around on random servers, it's when you can change the skin for the current weapons you have on your weapon
  13. In my opinion, one of my favorite things to do on community servers is to surf, though almost every time I look at the sG surf it's empty. Here are some of my suggestions that I think might populate sG surf. First of all, I think we should disable all fall damage, a lot of the PVP in surf is jumping down from ramps and trying to shoot your enemies. I know these suggestions would be big changes but I think they would be for the best. My next suggestion is to change almost all or maybe even all the maps to just normal surf maps, no PVP. When I surf, I like to complete maps with several stages instead of just going around on a map trying to shoot people, it can be entertaining at times but usually I think it's more fun to just have a normal surf map with no pvp. Another suggestion which I don't really care about but I think some people would like to have it, is to add !knife and/or !ws. It's fine if we don't change anything but this is just my opinion on how we could possibly populate our surf server. Please reply with your opinions. Thanks! -TheOrangeGrape
  14. Oh Sir!!! The Insult Simulator is $1.49
  15. Clustertruck is $8.99