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  1. JahIsLove

    DANK's App. [PENDING]

    I vote yes easily, been great on war3. 9/20
  2. JahIsLove

    SmugJack's Application [PENDING]

    i vote yes for sure been on war3 with him a lot. 14/20
  3. a def yes, been a great part of the war3 server. 20/20
  4. I was on this evening and I noticed that book of xp is not on the shopmenu list any more. Was just wondering what exactly happened to it?
  5. JahIsLove

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    Great suggestions. thank you
  6. JahIsLove

    anyone who plays war3

    I feel the same way.
  7. I do not know much about ze, yet I have seen him on war3 and even have him as a steam friend. A definite ref from me. 14/20
  8. JahIsLove

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    A definite ref from me need him on war3 more often. Great guy! 10/20
  9. JahIsLove


    On the real I am mad late on this post. Yet I would like to say that we need more people on war3, I just wonder what makes people quit war3. I hope to see you on again soon.
  10. JahIsLove

    Love you

    Very much a good thing to have you here on the forum. I absolutely love having you on war3. Welcome my friend.
  11. I have noticed that lately the server pop has been down. I was thinking that events or extra xp weekends or anything of the sort would help to populate the warcraft3 server. I have found that evenings to early morning are not being populated on the war3 server. I am wondering why so many people have not played lately. I am hoping that more people join when the rotd change happens. Also sometimes I invite people to join and some do yet most leave after a few rounds. I was wondering how to increase server pop during week nights as well as weekends. Over all I am asking anyone to join when ever they can.
  12. JahIsLove


    Hello Petals welcome to the forums. You should stop by the warcraft3 server some time.
  13. JahIsLove


    Welcome to the forums zero nice to have you. You should try checking out some of the bhop races that are on the warcraft3 server.
  14. JahIsLove

    Sorry I'm rude.

    Hello and welcome to the forums Charred. You should try joining the Warcraft3 server sometime you might like what you find.
  15. JahIsLove

    Yo Yo

    I just saw this, a very welcome to you serif the sheriff. I do not know the best, yet one of the better nelfs on war 3.