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  1. JahIsLove

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    song: Where is the love Artist: Damian Marley Album: Halfway Tree
  2. JahIsLove

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Song: Akfam Artist: The Grouch & Eligh Album: The Tortoise and the Crow
  3. JahIsLove

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Song: Nobody sound like me (instrumental) Artist: Xzibit Album: 40 dayz & 40 nightz
  4. JahIsLove

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    I really loved this movie.
  5. JahIsLove

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    ty for letting me know that.
  6. JahIsLove

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    What about cs_insertion?
  7. JahIsLove

    Hello World!

    Welcome to the forums ice. It really is good to have you on the war3 server, and thanks for being my friend. When you gonna apply?
  8. JahIsLove

    A halloween war3 event

    I was just thinking it would be awesome to have another war3 Halloween event. I know people would love another event. I would love another event for war3, anyone who plays war3 pls let me know if you would like another Halloween event this year.
  9. JahIsLove

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Song: Don't push Artist: Sublime Album: 40.oz to freedom
  10. JahIsLove


    I would have to agree with a time of the map being in rotation just to test if people really want to play the map.
  11. JahIsLove


    I vote yes easily, been great on war3. 9/20
  12. i vote yes for sure been on war3 with him a lot. 14/20
  13. a def yes, been a great part of the war3 server. 20/20
  14. I was on this evening and I noticed that book of xp is not on the shopmenu list any more. Was just wondering what exactly happened to it?
  15. JahIsLove

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    Great suggestions. thank you