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  1. HELLO!

    Hello cray-cray on welcome to the forums. I seen you on the war3 server and am actually your friend. so I hope to see you there more.
  2. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Congrats to the winners!

    Happy Birthday Sharpie best wishes.
  4. how do I find my link to gameme?

  5. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198200398697/screenshot/913534958636366609 1710 gold, I think that is 5-6 tickets, all for Warcraft 3 supporter for 6 months I hope I did this right.
  6. Hello all!

    welcome very much bro I have seen you on the war3 server I hope to see you more often.
  7. War3 pop

    ty, I don't think I am that fun yet I love playing with you aswell.
  8. did i get in yet

    how do I find out if I have been accepted into the sg? meaning how will I find out if I made it or not?
  9. JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    ty very much I appreciate the ref very true I REALLY LOVE the war3 server. thanks a lot. I do not think I will be joining discord any time soon. is that a lot of time? ty for the ref ty very much Agrippa I appreciate you very me. ty ty rootbeer don't see you much on the war3 server much hope to see you more.
  10. just Jah here

    I was wondering how to improve my reputation here on the sG server still kinda new to posting here was just wondering how to get a better reputation here.
  11. hey everyone i am new here

    welcome to the forum. you should come to the war3 server sometime you might seem to like it. it has a lot of bhop races you would enjoy.
  12. Toxic Server

    rookie I have you as a great person to play with and an awesome friend. I now realize why when I invite you to play you are hesitant. I hope that you do not decide to leave war3 you will be missed by me especially, as a friend I hope you reconcider leaving for good.
  13. Stepping Down

    don't know you, don't know if I have played with you, yet being in love with the war3 server and so far newb at navigating the sg forums I wish you the best with your schooling. you work will be missed. until you return gl and work hard. thank you
  14. Did I...make one?

    welcome to the forums.
  15. Introduction my dudes

    welcome to the forums, you should try playin the warcraft3 server, it is really great.