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  1. thanks chet, haven't seen you around in a while
  2. That is content
  3. hopefully this dogshit marketing will show how bad it is to have an epic games exclusive, and companies will stop doing them
  4. When you say u can’t false kos, is that bannable or traitorous. Also a no delay rule
  5. All this discussion and there isn’t even anyone applying
  6. If history proves anything, then in some cases, yes
  7. That guy got perma banned for admin disrespect? Or is he lying Big yikes if he’s not aldo why did his report get closed. All he did was not enter his steam ID, he was not able to get proof as he was banned
  8. Thank you for your donation
  9. No just a genuine question im glad each person who got staff in the post got it, and I know they will be good at it
  10. Do people who apply for staff ever get declined grats new staff
  11. awesome event, looked like everyone had fun
  12. Does me not liking someone who got accepted into the clan during this vote system mean they don’t deserve to be in the clan? i don’t think so
  13. Not being able to vote doesn’t stop you from raising awareness to other voters. I dont remember anyone saying that he was toxic when applying. Also AFAIK an RO doesn’t have to know all the rules about the server, like an SO. Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by “not knowing the rules” though (I.e. like he was slaying people for a false rule)
  14. "Is there a member currently who was accepted during the referral system that you believe shouldn't have membership?" this question remains unanswered
  15. Voted no but after thinking I would say yes, as long as reasons are given so that it can prevent circle jerks. People should vote based off their experience with a person, not because their friends voted no
  16. back when people played on csgo servers
  17. Amount of refs required seem very high to me, but we'll see nice to see some change
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