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  1. How to make a smaller animated spray

    are you trying to fit an entire movie into your spray?
  2. sG Stock Market Simulator - Season 2!!!

    @Sean what’s the link?
  3. Happy Birthday Cows!

    Happy birthday!
  4. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/570/Dota_2/ gonna have to go with dota 2. All around good game and an EXTREMELY non-toxic community
  5. Superheroes mod, a cs1.6 classic ;)

    seems like war3 on steroids
  6. Happy Birthday Apache

    Happy bday apache
  7. May have been when the servers were taken down (Saturday night)

    Happy birthday
  9. Destiny 2 Ingame Clan

    Been loving the game, but it will likely die quite a bit in the next two weeks. I heard they are adding new things next week, so I’m not sure Theres like 5-10 hours of story mode and the pvp is pretty repetitive. You may enjoy doing things like the big raids
  10. "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

    Dota Rainbow 6 siege
  11. Minigames concern/suggestion

    I believe MG needs new players brought in. New players enjoy autobhop, because they cant bhop, so they will likely come play. All the popped MG servers have things like autobhop and weaponskin, since that's what noobs like Would like to see autobhop turned off when a steady pop is back tho
  12. Updated dust 2

    what did they change on inferno that was cosmetic (aside from the extra hallway in t spawn)
  13. i love the sg war3 server.

    You need 1 ref from L2 or higher then need 20 “yes votes” later on