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  1. Happy Birthday Turtle!

    Happy b-day, glad youre enjoying it
  2. Player skins not loading?

    Why would you uninstall your game multiple times to see 2 models
  3. GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

    My bad!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t even know that team existed, so yeah. I hope this team does better than the PUBG team as well
  4. GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

    And the real Kendrick Lamar : @ThatOllieWhoDies
  5. GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

    Didn’t the sg team win a game in the PUBG tourney?
  6. An Opinion

    The magenta from lady’s ult makes seeing almost impossible with color vibrance turned up.
  7. An Opinion

    Knife races tend to have low kda when leveling them(from my experience at least) and lady requires about ~60? levels to max with tomes not available. Because of this wouldn’t lady’s kda not be an accurate way to tell if the race is balanced when the race is maxed out?
  8. Opinions are cool

    Idk, I’d rather buy a tome to max the race I’m playing instead of spending money on an item (like boots) that lets run slightly faster until I die
  9. League of Legends - Ten Mans

    I might play depending on the day IGN: arkiro
  10. WAR3 Map Suggestions

  11. Happy birthday to my favorite Asian

    Happy bday!!
  12. [Race] Yondu The Centaurian

    Cool race, I really like the holographic belt skill. Do other races with damage reduction have about 40%? 40% seems like a lot
  13. What's Up Everyone!!

    Welcome back!!!! thanks for your service