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  1. Populate Jailbreak 17/18

    How long has this been happening? It might just be the csgo update that came out the other day. If not, idk then
  2. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Happy birthday!
  3. Dungeons and Dragons

    Nah I don't play, thanks for the offer tho
  4. Free Speech

    Nobody deserves to be CURB STOMPED because of what they believe, and idk why I have to "fuck off" for saying this. Also like what Sakoro said, you believing someone should be curb stomped based off what they believe, makes you a SJW nazi.
  5. Free Speech

    That's a pretty retarded thing to say
  6. New donation from Dr. Vojislav Seselj

    Thanks for the dono!
  7. Dota 2 TI7 Thread

    Kuroky finally won Was pretty funny when miracle crouched behind the aegis, to block any champagne
  8. Dota 2 TI7 Thread

    That game one draft though...
  9. Happy Birthday Dr3y

    Happy birthday!
  10. Dungeons and Dragons

    I believe ATG plays this with a group, you may be able to join them @ATG_AGENT
  11. Dota 2 TI7 Thread

    CN Dota makes me happy I think Newbee will win this year
  12. New donation from krony

    Thanks for your donation!
  13. HBD Wintergreen

    Happy birthday!
  14. new servers?

    I know they are up on gameme and sourcebans, idk about gametracker
  15. Regarding Jailbreak...

    I think SO's should get on more often. I know one reason why SO's don't get on often is because no one is playing. SO's should help pop the server (getting on when there's 0 people and inviting friends) since JB is much more fun with admins. Maybe SO's do get on and pop the server, but I rarely/ never see it happening