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  1. Imperium

    Happy birthday to sG’s favorite 13 year old

    Happy 12th birthday
  2. Imperium

    Booch's Step Down Thread

    Is there a “limit” for SOs per server. If so, that makes no sense
  3. Imperium

    New Maps 7/27/18

    My mistake! When I looked for it I couldn’t find it because I assumed the list was in alphabetical order and that M was in the middle of the alphabet!
  4. Imperium

    New Maps 7/27/18

    isnt it already gone
  5. Imperium

    Pc problems

    might be your monitor broken and not your pc
  6. Imperium

    possible exploding race damage rework

    yeah but what happens when a race just bomb rushes you. its a shit feeling knowing that you either get one shot by killing him or let him kill you Im curious since undead lords explosion isnt an ultimate, would an item like necklace counter it?
  7. is it possible to lower the damage on suicide bomb skills (undead lord and scourge). I don't think its very fun/enjoyable to kill someone just for them to die and insta kill you (especially if you werent involved the fight but die from an explosion through a wall/floor). Maybe make the max explosion damage something like 75?
  8. Imperium


    Map: cs_crackhouse_go Server: Warcraft3 Map Link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/169284 Reason for adding: good map that people like
  9. Imperium

    bite farming fragadelphia

    nice knife skin
  10. Imperium

    Potentially Wanted Sg Member

    I found this to be funny.
  11. Imperium


    happy bday!!!
  12. Imperium

    Happy Birthday KARMA

    happy birthday!!!
  13. Imperium


    i demand infractions from the BRILLIANT staff members
  14. Imperium

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    Solution to ravinixk and rocky: delete the races if if I recall orcs chain lightning was loud aswell