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  1. New donation from ☠Valiant☠

    Thanks man, we really appreciate it! See ya on ze! I think he means a better server, one that doesn't have a shit ton of SV choke
  2. Hello eecks dee

    Suh dude, see ya on ze later!
  3. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Ay lots of good things here
  4. Stepping down

    Thanks for the work as always! Good luck with life n shit.
  5. Player models

    My bad, im being dumb
  6. Player models

    Which server is this on? It would help in getting the right people to help you.
  7. We are back

    I wouldn't call the server "revived" yet, it was just for one day when we had a dedicated group staying on to populate. Though it was nice to see some old faces again!
  8. Happy Birthday MistaChang!

    Happy Birthday my "cream filled" man! The colors are all probably wrong, but oh well
  9. Happy birthday Yunki!

    Ayy we got the same birthday @Yunki Just that I'm 15 now XD
  10. Those in the northeast be prepared

    Seems like mother nature has it out for us
  11. One thing is that PUBG will be alive for a long time, it's doing better than GTAV in sales and playerbase. If a new CS were to come out, that would be our revival.
  12. JB Population/Competition

    How many attempts is it now?
  13. HBD: Kawaii Taboo Edition!

    Happy birthday, my fellow weeb! 私の兄、私はあなたを愛しています
  14. Populate Jailbreak 17/18

    I cant tomorrow but the next day I will most likely be there at some point
  15. Petition to reinstate No Balls Rule

    I am offended.