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  1. 2 new ze maps

    Seems the same few maps come for suggestion every time. Idk we should just say yes or no to these maps instead of having to talk about the same thing every month or so.
  2. Decided to sign up.

    Welcome! @MistaChang Change your pfp we dont need the tyranny of Lil Tay
  3. Games to play?

    Ironsight is a game that's really close the Black Ops 2. Its f2p (in open beta currently) and offers fairly fast pace gameplay. It also isnt very intensive on your pc so you could enjoy decent fps. https://ironsightgame.com/lp/en/?utm_source=google&utm_campaign=isus&utm_medium=cpc&age_pubid=ironsight
  4. Stoned Zombie Run

    ill give it a go
  5. Happy Birthday Beerman!!!

    Happy Birthday! Pls carry me in R6S
  6. Maps and ideas

    Evil Mansion was removed for a reason: too cancerous Aesthetic was too hard for us back then and as it stands now, it's still too hard for us.
  7. Stephen Hawking passed away

    Rest in peace to a great man that made great strides in the fields of science and math. P.S. It's sad that as soon as he died people memed his death within 15 minutes.
  8. Zombie Escape Skin Suggestions

    To elaborate, these are some good quality models and from what I hear they aren't branded either.
  9. CSGO VR

    To clear this up, its not an official csgo vr game. Its just a copy but still really cool. The game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/555160/Pavlov_VR/
  10. Post what new titles you want! (Zombie Escape!)

    Since most of the server's players are weebs we need some weeb shit. Title ideas: Senpai, Onii, Weeb/Weeaboo Other ideas: Escape Artist, Infector, Bhop Pro, Defender, Slayer People can feel free to add on to the list.
  11. [SERVER BUG] Store Plug-in Reset

    Can confirm store is broken, credits are all gone, credit gain per 2 minutes is only 1, shop is the same but credits reset after each map making everything unobtainable. I haven't heard anything if this is a bug or intentional.
  12. Hello people.

    Nice to see you made an intro! If you're gonna apply hmu for a ref.
  13. Happy birthday to my favorite Asian

    Happy birthday man! Have a good one! @Demon

    Happy bday