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  1. Harmy's Application [PENDING]

    Conf He's a good guy on ze. He just needs to adjust to the forums.
  2. What up, its yaboy

    Welcome, this place is more sensitive than ze, remember that.
  3. New donation from darkfrywarrior

    Thank ya!
  4. Start's Application [PENDING]

    Ref Always been fun to play with, plays multiple servers 14/20
  5. Guide to Ze (BOSSES ADDED)

    On our zombie escape server we do not have !zclass, or any z classes. We do have a shop with CT skins and other things that can be accessed by these commands: !store !shop The command for this on our server is !zmarket or !guns
  6. Another Damn ZE Weeb

  7. sG application for Darkfrywarrior [PENDING]

    Conf I love this guy, he is a great person all around. I'd really like him to join sG!
  8. sG Application for Clusterfuck [PENDING]

    Conf He's a good type of toxic, but not too toxic. He's been around for a while and should've applied earlier.
  9. I am is of the returned.

    Welcome back, just uuuh be chill. Hmu for a ref if you're gonna apply.
  10. Hi guys C:

    Ay glad to see you here Darkyfry, this community needs more people like you
  11. Hey new here

    Welcome, see ya around Ky!
  12. My ZE event token wins

    Would be kinda confusing cause people would post the same screenshots over and over. Would help if the team leaders were on sometimes.
  13. ZE_GRIS Audio Visualization

    Its pretty noticeable tho, I heard it immediately. I just thought it had something to do with how you edited it.
  14. ZE_GRIS Audio Visualization

    That's pretty cool! Here's the link to the original song mv: