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  1. Populate Jailbreak 17/18

    I cant tomorrow but the next day I will most likely be there at some point
  2. Petition to reinstate No Balls Rule

    I am offended.
  3. Happy Birthday Dr3y

    Happy birthday, have a good one!

    Happy B day! But what's wrong with anime?
  5. Uhh thanks?

    @Sdr! Boi we were talking about this in the discord lol. Im not surprised you got this for chang of all people.
  6. New PC, Need Help!!

    You dont need a cpu cooler if you are not overclocking, I would take that off so you can have an extra $30 to spend on more important things.
  7. Credits & Trivia Day Jailbreak Event (Aug 11th)

    Im down cya lads there!
  8. Deemo or Cytus? [Mobile games]

    I would personally go with Cytus because it looks like more fun to me. It seems simple yet challenging, which I like. But maybe that's just because I'm an osu! weeb. Honestly I would get osu on pc because you can play both those modes with unlimited songs for free.
  9. Death Note Live Action Netflix Show

    I just hope it's as good as the Avatar The last airbender movies! That was sarcasm for those that couldn't tell.
  10. So... The Emoji Movie is out.

    Look at those great ratings.
  11. Youre a nerd

    Happy B day! Have a good one!
  12. Mouse Problem

    Maybe the mouse is broken, seems like the switches are fucked.
  13. I love sG

    He already made an intro thread...
  14. Destiny 2

    Im gonna get Destiny 2 on pc so im waiting for that beta in August. I played Destiny 1 up until The Taken King then quit. Hoping Destiny 2 is better.
  15. New donation from codenick

    Thanks for the donation, and thanks for trying to follow the reporting rules! It shows that you care!