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  1. I know I haven’t played here in a long time (nor do I intend to return), but since I have been playing on other communities, I have learned some stuff that might help to improve sG ZE (assuming there are still active staff for it). Lag Obviously there is way to remove lag completely without just getting flat out better hardware, but there are some things that have been proven to be laggy on other servers that may help to change. 1. Player hitboxes Many other ze servers only have hitboxes in the feet of their human models so that the server doesn’t have to calculate hit penetration through players to hit zombies (since the sourcemod plugin, while nice, is inherently laggy). You don't have to worry about zombies being able to knife CTs if you remove the CT hitbox, since the knife's hit detection doesn't use the bullets' hitboxes. If you don’t want to edit the models you already have on the server, you can just steal some from others communities, such as GFL, since all of their CT models have the hitboxes changed. This is also why their default CT model is not the default csgo models, but rather a custom model. In addition to this, some maps such as ze_space_flight, ze_minecraft_adventure, and a few others change the default model to one included with the map. Typically these map models are unoptimized, and, as such, should be removed. They can be disabled using either just a stripper config, or a stripper config + custom vscript combo. Here is an example of a stripper to remove it on ze_space_flight as a reference: Stripper: https://github.com/gflclan-cs-go-ze/ZE-Configs/blob/master/stripper/ze_space_flight_p3.cfg Vscript for use with the stripper: https://github.com/gflclan-cs-go-ze/ZE-Configs/blob/master/vscripts/EnforcePlayerModel_patched.nut The fix would depend on the map in question, so only use the above links as refence on how to fix it, not as an actual fix to everything. 2. Plugins Some plugins, albeit nice to have, are quiet laggy. It is up to any staff to decide if the usefulness of a plugin outweighs its cpu cost and whether to remove it or not. I have heard that some especially laggy plugins are the player hide plugin, the timer plugin (which checks chat messages for certain keywords such as sec, seconds, etc. and then puts a timer with that message into a game_text entity that counts down), and some anti cheat plugins. 3. Maps This is going to be on a map by map basis. There are some large offenders like malgo reactor that honestly shouldn’t be on any server due to being terribly optimized, but others just have certain parts that cause lag (such as how ze_games, ze_tloz_stone_tower_temple, and a few others). This small laggy section could be something as small as making all the players spawn on a single point during the freeze time before a round starts (since 20+ people stacking on each other is quite laggy on the ze server), and simply adding more locations for players to be while frozen via the use of a stripper would solve this. LDR Compiled maps If a map is compiled in LDR lightning, remove it from the server. LDR compiled maps can, and often do, randomly crash clients either on joining the map or switching off of it. Since this bug was discovered, many maps have been recompiled in HDR to help prevent this. All LDR compiled maps should be either updated or completely removed (if they haven’t been updated). In addition, you should take care to check the compiled settings of any new maps added to make sure they are all HDR compiled. You can either look at map lists of other servers that keep LDR maps off them or use bspsrc on a map by map basis to check compile settings for this. Fixing Broken Parts of Maps Already on the Server If there are bugs in any maps on the server, you don’t need to wait for the mapper to fix them or to compile new versions on your own. The server has BAILOPAN’s stripper plugin so you can edit the maps yourselves to fix these bugs. While there are limitations on what a stripper can do, as long as you are dealing with entities and not brushes, you should be able to change anything on the map. Hell, even if you want to add brushes to block off skips or exploits, you can use the reuse the model of a trigger and turn it into a func_brush to block it off. Something a stripper can’t fix though, is when a map has badly packed its particles or improperly named them. Maps like these should be straight up removed and the mapper should be told how to fix their particles (More on the particle crashing: https://rafuron.wordpress.com/2015/03/04/how-can-mappers-help-to-prevent-the-infamous-particle-crash/). Strippers aren’t even difficult to make; as long as you know how to map, you can make a stripper config. If you want to learn how to make a stripper, here is the documentation for the plugin: http://bailopan.net/stripper/ However, even if you don’t want to make strippers, many other communities have some of their strippers publicly available. Just use theirs if you don’t have the fix for a certain map (just be careful because some strippers might add or change entities based on a file/model the server itself has in the fastdl, so in these cases you would either have to edit that or add the file to your own fastdl). In addition to these, certain maps have official strippers out that were published by the mappers to fix some bugs, such as santassination. GFL’s Strippers and EntWatch Files: https://github.com/gflclan-cs-go-ze/ZE-Configs Mapeadores’s Strippers: https://github.com/Mapeadores/stripper-cfgs A few of Steam Gamers’s strippers: https://github.com/AgentWesker/maps Not sure how much this will actually help your server or if there is even a point in fixing a dead server, but here is some info if you want to use it.
  2. Instead of removing it completely, I would personally rather it just have the map time limits of ZM maps reduced to like 10ish minutes (although map vote time would have to change if it is set to this, since the map vote happens 10 minutes before the end of the map). ZM as a gamemode isn't bad in short bursts (at least in my opinion), but the map gets repetitive when you have a bunch of rounds per ZM map. This is due to the fact that one usually ends up defending the same spot for 4-5 rounds in a row because the spot turns out to be one of the only viable places to live the whole round in.
  3. 37/20 Don't know what problems some of you have had with him in the past, but seems like a genuinely good guy from the interactions I have had with him.
  4. All of this argument over something I would just say "use common sense" over if it was a freekill report. If they are clearly going to tell you to shift walk to a game, out of MCA, etc. and you shift walk right at a guard to kill them for "baiting" or go to a vent before they finish their order/while they stumble over their words for half a second, expect to be shot. If the warden says shift walk and then proceeds to not say other shit because he/she is a moron, shift walk anywhere you want. If a guard is kill hungry enough to kill you for shift walking to a destination a tenth of a second before the order is finished, they were going to kill whore you over something else later on anyways, and it isn't due to the "lack of clarity" that got you killed there.
  6. If they are turned red, would you want it to be for the whole round, or would you want them to turn red when they hurt a ct and then gradually fade back to normal color? Red stands out like a sore thumb on most maps, so if you are sniping and stay red forever, it will be much easier for cts to spot your hiding spot. If it fades, you can at least snipe a ct and then hide and wait for the red coloration to fade off before fighting again. Fading red still lets cts quickly and easily see which terrorist shot them as long as the t isn't hiding. If you want rebelling to just be harder in general, as well as cts never forgetting who is rebelling, I guess perma-red would be better though.
  7. Of a few other servers that I have played on, the rebel lr was perfectly fine for rebelling t's to use (gives them a chance in a 1vX scenario they would usually lose since it gives hp based on how many cts are alive at the time), so I would recommend that if you don't want this functionally, make the rebel lr blocked if the hosties command flagged you as rebelling (don't block the entire menu as the other lrs already require the ct you are going against to accept the request if you are rebelling), don't just add a rule against it. Otherwise, people will come from other jb servers that run the command and think it is fine to chose the rebel lr when they are already rebelling and then get punished for that. Or just be like other servers and allow rebels to use the rebel lr and get a decent chance as the last t alive like how other servers do it. Either way would be better (at least in my opinion) than adding a rule against using it while rebelling.
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