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  1. Ice

    The Uncle Of ZE has returned

    You all can't count, messing up the ref amount each post >.> This guy is clearly too much of a nerd for this clan and played ZE (Yuck). -2/20 [Yes +1]: Mike Hunt, SpartanSakaro, Ice (+ 3) [No -1]: Starslayer, J.Five, Vexer, Don Juan, DR3Y (- 5) There, the count has been all fixed up.
  2. Ice

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    If bravosquad gets unbanned and then comes onto bhop, I might just leave sG bhop fully. I had to deal with him before on ZE and not only was he racist, he was as toxic as one can possibly be. I'd also love to point out how after being banned, he went to this thread to complain about sG just being a circle jerk and in regards to his racism, he refered to it as "No fun and no jokes allowed." Here is the page if you want to go back and look at it yourselves (as well as the comments he made on the server since Clamps was kind enough to screenshot those), he has the forums name ColonelChaos there: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/66913-official-complaint-department-discussion-thread/?page=84
  3. Ice

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    @AntiTeal's games plugin broke a long time ago when Valve required all webpages that were opened by a server to start with http:// and https:// iirc. His sounds and youtube plugins on Zombie Escape also broke at the same due to this csgo update.
  4. Doesn't the Play CSGO button only appear when you are not currently connected to a community server, getting replaced instead by a "Resume Game" button? As I said in my post, the point of this command was so that, like before, you can view the browser without having to leave the server. I change servers constantly based on what map the servers are on, so I really wanted this feature back, hence why I looked for the command. Could also just be I am blind and it is in also Panorama and under something other than Play CSGO as well, but I couldnt find it
  5. Panorama, for whatever reason, decided to remove the ability to view the community server browser while already connected to a server. After about 20 minutes of looking, I found that the command "gamemenucommand openserverbrowser" opens the browser, so combine that with "gameui_activate" (the command to open the pause menu), and you can view the community server browser while connected like before. I recommend binding "gameui_activate ; gamemenucommand openserverbrowser" to a key like F1 if this is important to you, otherwise just leave the server and then look at the community server browser the normal way using panorama. Hope this helps anyone else that was annoyed by this so that you don't have to waste time looking for a way to open it like I did. EDIT: As of 7/18/2018 Valve re-added the ability to view other community servers while in a server, so this is no longer needed.
  6. Ice

    Weekly Style Thread

    1 tick auto strafe with 5 air acceleration
  7. ref 4/20 EDIT: Not sure if this ref counts cause I gave the ref as SO but just quit and am going back to level 1 before the month ends. If it doesn't count, some RO fix the end count, please.
  8. Ice

    Zombie Escape Map Idea.

    The map is currently buggy. The first bug is that if the cts get to a part with custom gravity and lose, they will keep the custom gravity going into the next round. The 2nd one (which is far worse) is that in the minigame where you dodge the 4 sets of laser walls 3 times while the ground breaks, the cts can grief each other and shoot out the ground instead of only having the map break the ground. Additionally, sometimes when all the CTs fail a minigame, the map thinks a ct still won the game and doesn't end the round. The first bug can be fixed if an admin does !gravity @all 1 on round start, but until the 2nd bug is fixed it can't be added because people will grief it.
  9. Ice

    Stoned Zombie Run

    Actually just going to be done on the first map of the event if more than 25 people are on. Looks like I need to make sure I am on right at the start of it. On another note, if an admin wins supporter or admin as a prize, can we get credits instead or just can't redeem that achievement? EDIT: And just like that the easy achievement is removed
  10. Here is his gameme profile for ZE since he forgot to add it, he has about 250 hours on the server: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1284719 If a staff member moves this to pending, count me as a ref.
  11. Ice

    Mudkip's Application [DENIED]

    Here is his gameme profile for ZE since he forgot to add it, he has about 320 hours on the server: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1062396 Also, if a staff member moves this to pending, count me as a ref, he is a good kid.
  12. Ice

    Prob on wc3..

    If you mean the first person gun and arm models, type "record 1" in the console and they should reappear. Then just type "stop" to stop the recording and they should stay there.