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  1. For those that don't know, there is an admin-only zombie skin on Zombie Escape that is some giant pillow thing. This skin broken in that it lies completely flat on the ground when you crouch, and it has a massive head hitbox compared to the normal zombie skins. However, the worst part is that admins are randomly forced into this skin, even when they use !zclass to specifically swap off of it. Regardless of the fact that the skin is broken, admins being forced into a giant, white target is INCREDIBLY annoying. If this skin could be removed entirely, I would be incredibly grateful, and I don't believe many admins would mourn the loss of being made into a giant, fucking target. If an admin zombie skin is required, please at least choose a model that doesn't contrast as much in comparison to other zombie models so that we aren't immediately targeted. Picture of the skin for those that don't know what it looks like, here is it standing up and crouching:
  2. ze_pizzatime_v9

    We added pizzatime in the past, and regulars constantly complained about it. If this is added, it should probably be a map that only admins can swap to in the same way that wanderers v2 is right now, since pizza killed the server multiple times before.
  3. Maps taking up space?

    Personally, I like playing rarely played maps whenever they come up. They are a nice break from the constant stream of the same 10 or fewer overplayed maps that we play 90% of the time.
  4. ZE Supporter Change

    Or, in terms of !spec, we could just stop giving a fuck about people avoiding point lose since it only affects them and points are useless anyways. Of course, then we wouldn't be able to give a basic command to supporters to get more $$.
  5. Ref, been on ze for a while and is fun to play with.
  6. Ref. Always been fun to be around on ZE and has been around for a while.
  7. 21/20 Ref. Start has been on ZE for a long time, and I have never even seen anything negative come from Start. Great player to be around.
  8. Tilex Event this weekend

    Truth =/= Blue level. Truth is like normal blue level up until boss, then the boss is harder with a 2nd, yellow boss spawning. We have beaten normal blue but not truth
  9. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    If the Steam ID that Ollie gave on the ban appeal is correct, then this is his sourceban page (Though I don't know if that actually was the right Steam ID or not). The permaban for that Steam ID has the reason "racist report then leave/toxic player." Also, under the "Blocked" row on the permaban, it shows 68 blocks with the name HexHasSixSides, so it probably is him.
  10. did i get in yet

    Votes are tallied at the end of the month (so either today or tomorrow I would guess). Then staff updates the post title with denied, accepted, etc. and make a post in your thread saying the result. Just look at previous applications to see how it will turn out. Since you met the ref requirement, unless something like a 30+ minute ban or something else happened this month that would disqualify your app, I would assume you are going to get in when they tally the refs.
  11. C++ Number Array Help Request!

    Couldn't you just do: std::cout << "Your array was:"; for (int i = 0; i < numbers.size(); i++) { std::cout << " " << numbers[i]; } std::cout << std::endl; instead of cout << "Your array was: " << numbers << endl; ? Also on a separate note, I think there are some things to improve (although these are just of my opinion). You shouldn't use a namespace with "using namespace", you should instead preface your stuff with the namespace (ie. std::cout instead of cout). You don't need numSmallest and numLargest as all you are doing is putting tempSmall and tempLargest into them. You don't really need a separate function of numCalc for that (unless your class requires it like this for some reason) since all your main function is doing is calling that and ending. When you close your loops checking for smallest and largest numbers (which don't need to be loops tbh), put the closing bracket on the same indentation as the "for" keyword is and indent everything inside those for loops as well. You don't need separate loops to find smallest and largest numbers. Also, your testing loops check the exact same thing, but 10 times. if you wanted it to iterate through each value (which as I said, you don't need this at all.), you need numbers[k] and numbers[j] in them, not numbers[ i] in them. Even though you know your array is a size of 10, you should still use .size() as it explains immediately to someone viewing your code what you want the stopping point in your for loops to be based on rather than some arbitrary number. All functions should have a comment explaining any preconditions, what it does without explaining how it does it, and explain what it will return or print out (if anything). You should add spaces around operators like =, <, +, etc. Only language I know of where it is better style not to is html. If my memory serves me correctly, system ("pause"); is windows specific. You should try to avoid stuff that is OS specific if possible. Also, although this one is more opinionated, C++11 introduces something called uniform initialization which is favored more than copy initialization (what you are using), at least from what I have seen. This is mainly because it turns what could be a runtime error into compile-time error. Also, some of this may be wrong and I apologize if so. I have only used java and web programming stuff recently and this is all going off memory from a few years ago. Finally, if this is for a class, you shouldn't post your code online as it could be stolen and plagiarised. Edit: @Moose , you cant do [i] because it isn't escaped. It italicizes stuff.
  12. My ZE event token wins

    Would probably be better to post tokens on the forums/give them to Crobat at the end of the event, so you don't have to make multiple posts or edit a previous post every few days for new tokens. Just a suggestion, but if cro said to go ahead and post them and I wasn't aware of it, just ignore me.
  13. Deadcore Event?

    Should probably do a map that people know better since I am pretty sure that even most of the regulars on the server don't know this map. Something like frostdrake or santassination would be better since they are also hard, we haven't beaten them any time recently, and regulars know the maps fully (or at least most do). That being said, anything like a normal 1-map event like what all other ze servers have would be amazing, regardless of the map
  14. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    Thanks for the delay! This means I can play with my normal playtime during the event!