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  1. just reX

    New donation from Nau

    Wow droppin more bands
  2. just reX

    New donation from Nau

    damn hunter these are some straight bricks
  3. just reX

    New donation from TrinityCrush

    damn what a unit. thanks trinity
  4. just reX


    Ik I was wondering the same thing. Welcome dude
  5. just reX

    What do you use to jump?

    I use both, I guess it just depends. I've gotten so used to space bar I can decently hop with it from time to time, other than that I use m wheel up.
  6. just reX

    They made a game about me

    Yeah I get that but like what kinda of game even is it
  7. just reX

    They made a game about me

    What is it even about?
  8. just reX


    Welcome back dude
  9. just reX

    Sad to say

    Dear Peoples of sG, I don’t post much anymore and haven’t been on in a long while. Logging in for so many hours on the sG servers it’s hard to see them die. As CS:GO has lost popularity the servers don’t see very many players at all. It’s sad to say goodbye. I’ll miss most of you and especially @ThatOllieWhoDies @Sponsored @badbie @Tansen @Jeff The Flying Shark @Marine Putin @Karma @Jiffy @nErd_ @Rufus @Sean @Velo @York @Imperium for making my time here great. From, The Squeaker You Might Know
  10. just reX

    editing genius

    fake clips?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!? theres no way you got 3 other people on a server with you on that dead game. EXPOSEDDDDDD! jk
  11. just reX

    I tried

    The real question is why are you no English bad
  12. just reX


  13. just reX

    Hi Im Mudkips