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  1. just reX


  2. just reX

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

  3. just reX

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    told u @LindsayLoo
  4. just reX

    community update 3/5/2019

  5. just reX

    sG | CS:GO Prop Hunt - March 2nd to March 3rd

    Awesome event
  6. just reX

    Sunday Funday - March to April

    wait im actually hyped for this
  7. just reX

    New donation from Nau

    As a very intelligent, one eyed man, fetty wap once said "Ay, where the gold at baby"
  8. just reX

    New donation from Nau

    big thanks, big man
  9. just reX


    sup harold i always see you on ttt, welcome to the forums
  10. yeah obvious choice me and @Sponsored
  11. just reX

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    absolute classic