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  1. Rap Song *NSFW*

    Thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  2. Rap Song *NSFW*

    Hello all, so in the quest to make the cringiest rap battle song of all time we are making a rap battle between scarce and keemstar and this is what we have so far. Please help us with rhymes and try to make this flow better. Beat: YouTube Keem: Keem star here to debate, why I shouldn’t get so much hate, I dox fools but they be just tools, and make me look cool cus I got no rules. Scarce: Hey what’s up guys, this is scarce. Just like Keemstar, he’s a puppeteer. Doxing fools because they are mear molecules. He probably needs to go to school. Keem: Keemstar here hittin’ your triggers cus you all are just *******. Don’t call me idubbs, two or four or else I’ll slam you to the floor. Got called out for my doxing, I’ll fight dem haters in this rap sing. Scarce: Rap sing? Rap song you effing dong. Sorry so my fowl language, I should use the proper slanguage. Case’ you didn’t know it’s a microlanguage. I help you out by leaving for months, meanwhile you just suck fat ****. Doxing kids and sucking **** is pretty much all your lucks. Keem: ???? = profit
  3. TTTGO Raffle *-*

    Dang no win. Gg everyone!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. You're all lovely people!

    Why thank you. May I interest you in the church of Latter-Day Saints? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  5. TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    More prizes bois!
  6. TTTGO Summer Event! (July 22nd-August 5th)

    Cool! Sign me up! Is this only for CS:GO TTT or Gmod TTT as well?
  7. I am in a long car ride with 12 other people, and I am longing to be isolated. I put my headphones on and wrote part one. In progress of writing part 2: The Rising. As always thank for your relentless support. Creativity It used to be the other way around Creativity was shunned and frowned upon Only the mentally superior were accepted as the creators. Everyone else was told off I was of the ones that was told off creatively It has taken me 16 years to finally realize that there are different forms of art. Some of which I whole heartily want to explore But can't Why? I never developed the skills as a child I have seen lots of famous writers, poets and people who can just craft beautiful sentences. I was never one of them I see people who so talently organize and structure their writing I am not one of them I have watched sad documentaries of copy and paste people working 9-4 at a fucking desk job not doing anything I am one of them.
  8. Take a laugh, will ya?

    Okay, so I was going through some of the old technology my family has and I found this video. I don't know why or when but it exists, so I thought I might share it.
  9. Themes hw help

    Thank you both so much!
  10. I know for a lot of people it's just that there hasn't been enough free time. Jailbreak is a time consuming mini game that takes up to 10 minutes per round, and sometimes you can be out in the first 30 seconds. That is my personal belief why the servers haven't been doing too good, and they stay dead because nobody like playing with 4 people. When the SG steam group announces JB night, people join because there are more than 4, so in the summer I have strong beliefs that it will pick back up again in 1-2 months. I look forward to it
  11. Themes hw help

    I don't know why I keep coming here for homework help, but you are all very nice people who make very well crafted, thoughtful answers, so I would just like to thank the SG community! Anyway, I was writing a narrative for my English class, and I was trying to find another way to phrase the theme "You can't let a couple of bad times ruin a trip". That sounded a bit wordy to me, so I've been trying to rephrase that to a 10th-grade level. If anyone could help me out, that would be greatly appreciated! You are the best!
  12. New video

    Hello I have made a new video for my youtube channel. My house burned down? I don't know watch the video. Don't care? Flag the video as spam. Idc. Thank you for watching.
  13. Favorite dramatic sad song?

    Making a video that needs some dramatic sad songs. Link your favorites below!
  14. I am looking for a specific video

    No that's not it. It is pretty much like that one except much more dumbed down. It is a good video, though.
  15. Hi everyone, I have been searching for a while now and couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure it was an ad for a phone company where a male and female are walking down the street both looking down at their phones. The ad then runs on a tangent about how if they looked up they could've had a life together. It shows them meeting, getting married, having kids, watching their kid grow up etc. At the end it snaps back to reality and the male and female walk past each other looking down at their phones. I don't know whether this was something I saw or came up with in my head. Anyway if anyone knows the name of this video and would like to help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. P.S I need it for a school video and that's why it's in serious discussion P.P.S do you think texting and walking is a problem? Why or why not?