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  1. not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    Honestly, I got bored for like the whole summer (and I had a couple psych classes). Now, I'm way too busy to really hop on any server for more then an hour. I have a feeling many people are even busier or possibly have grown into a university /fulltime job life.
  2. Player Feedback Needed

    Underplayed stuff like Curse of the Pharaoh certainly needs a buff. It is one of those, level-up and leave races. Though a lot of knife races seem like they need (besides that one) a slight-debuff particularly human lawnmower and flame predator (I say as those are my most used knife races).
  3. Bunny-hopping with Hostage

    I remember on a map in ze (think it was sky athletic) where there was an anti-bhop script put in that basically meant whenever you attempted to b-hop the map would force you downward which while it wouldn't hinder a jump, it would prevent the speed boost from a b-hop and make it difficult to see (due to what would look like a downward push on your screen). Perhaps that could be implemented into the server whenever someone has a hostage to prevent b-hopping.
  4. What do you like about Zombie Escape maps?

    Some really crazy theme or a map that takes a little more insanity to make it through. Pidaras and mansion
  5. Warcraft 3 Balance Survey

    As someone who is number one on the server. I agree with that statement. However the amount of people who would rage and demand it be changed back would be astronomical.
  6. Warcraft 3 Balance Survey

    @Junzou What do you have against the flame bro? *brings in gang* Also not that I don't enjoy these surveys but really think the race list should have been in alphabetical order.
  7. See, that easily explains quite a bit. Thank you for the better explanation into this.
  8. Yes, I believe so. But I still wonder if what he said about it being just outright hate as opposed to actual proof was necessarily wrong.
  9. Alright so I talked with him about making the appeal. Apparently that recent message was the only racist thing he had said recently and that there wasn't any recent evidence (we are talking 6 month kind of recent) of him commiting to it. Now obviously I don't know if I am wrong but showing only one piece of recent information does not normally cover a perma.
  10. Rule Clarification

    That is fine, I understand that. I apologize for being a bit cheeky I too had a long day yesterday.
  11. Rule Clarification

    Obviously you don't understand. When there are quotations, it usually means sarcasm is amidst. Now if I said it like. "Probably because of the unfair advantage." I would be indicating I actually do not like the vantage point. I mean you've seen me take advantage of these before.
  12. Rule Clarification

    Probably because of the "unfair advantage". Like we don't have any of those in War 3.
  13. What are your thoughts on John Wick 2

    Second one was pretty good. I mean I don't normally say it but this sequel outshined the original and that ending..... Fuuuck they get you hyped up for Part 3.
  14. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    You know we could still have your version but move all the credits to a additional unreachable area of the map instead of them being all over the place. Hell you could just have them in the terrorist graveyard spawn area where they are out of the way and less of a distraction. The one under the water tower should stay where it is though. That is a good spot.
  15. Could have been just me but I could have sworn marzu was getting better at not being an asshole and loopholing. Oh well, guess you can hope people can change a bit when it really is just a facade.