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  1. Trelvick

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Kind of funny he did it in a more rule bending way. Usually he will just stab someone so they will kill an inno. But maybe he just needed a chance to chew out someone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Trelvick

    Another Free Game (Limited Time)

    Grab it anyway. Free game plox
  3. Trelvick

    Necromancer/reanimated feedback

    Pretty much reanimating the dead through two skills (an ult and ability). Which are 200 health undead with a large amount of life steal that immediately appear on the spot (which of course means if you are a knife race have the "!stuck" command ready). The reanimated can give health to the necro and explode on nearby enemies. The necro himself has a large amount of damage resistance (40%) and the ability to poison everyone on every second hit (50%).
  4. Trelvick

    Necromancer/reanimated feedback

    ^ this the reduction was crazy as was the poison which not only slowed you down but had a 50% chance of landing on anyone. The problem with the instant reanimation was it gave no time for someone to move out of the way. If you were a knife race you were effectively dead on the spot unless you had a lot of health and even than the necro could wait around a corner and attack while you are frantically typing !stuck .
  5. Trelvick

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    I don't see a reason to remove it, while people are crying foul here it will literally be gone after halloween. Might as well let it be a part of the "spooky" factor of being scared by a ghost.
  6. Trelvick

    A halloween war3 event

    Buff infected for the event. When he kills someone they immediately rise up as a zombie on his team.
  7. Trelvick

    Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Honestly, unless his disorder was completely the cause of his situation there is no reason to blame it. As chosen pointed out racism is a cultural thing, you aren't automatically born racist/sexist/homophobic but those things are taught by instilled values. With bipolar, why not make an effort to control the behaviour a little. Removing the racist binds or directing the words to something less extreme (say f*ck a few times instead) is a good effort. Just because you are classified with something, does not mean it is your sole excuse for everything (though again there are some disorders [not his] that might validate the excuse).
  8. Trelvick


    Or rather keep it on the rotation for a week (since one day isn't really enough for everyone to try it) and at the end determine if it is a pop or depop map.
  9. Trelvick

    possible exploding race damage rework

    Apologies for the late response. Work, game night, and "extreme" food allergies do not mix. @zebra Yes, I used Flame predator as one of my examples. Not specifically. It is very easy to use a race as an example when you've played it a lot. Also you need to explain to me how you can't kill a a race by jumping over it (angel of lights low gravity is that high) and shooting it in the face. That seems quite feasible, as for the damage. With FP the damage seems to decrease drastically even in a short distance above. I'm almost certain the damage is less like a sphere and more like a cylinder. Yes I read the title and his post and it honestly sounds like we interpreted that differently the quote, "especially if you werent involved the fight but die from an explosion through a wall/floor" was in brackets and after "I don't think its very fun/enjoyable to kill someone just for them to die and insta kill you" . So by my assumption while he leans towards that answer in brackets. I still need to consider the possiblity of him talking about all explosive damage being too strong. Thus the comments related to races tanking massive explosion damage, or other races circumventing the issue by allowing you to distance yourself in range (or know where they are so you can avoid them). I still play the race, I've noticed a lot of the time you aren't on when I'm on it. But then I'm also playing cho'gall while you are on or shade spawn. So idk. And yes, a lot of the time I'm far away from the blast and avoiding a lot of the damage. While other times I can be directly in front of the scrouge and still survive damage. I am not quite sure what you are confused about there.
  10. Trelvick

    possible exploding race damage rework

    I am not defending FP, nor do I see a reason to do that specifically. But bring your opinion into the argument, it's funner that way. Second point fair with the stalker, but again with scrouge or flame pred I find a slight range above them seems to negate most of the damage, so my point of low gravity is it prevents explosive damage with certain races. You are also mooting a point for no reason. You are assuming you are entangling someone right in front of you, as opposed to around a corner (incins are fun right?) or behind a wall which does prevent a gunner/explosive race from knowing your exact position. For some reason you included bash like you needed to be close for the bash effect to go off??? You bash the guy from a distance and you continue bashing him, same with slow effects. Third, do your homework. It is really easy to type in "racetop10 angel". I've played that race much more than most people on the server. Now you have a point about the health thing, but that isn't that far from 10 or 20 which is usually when I get killed from a blast. A lot of the time the blast is far enough that the resistance renders it nothing regardless of how close they are. And adding to my low gravity point, the range seems to drop dramatically on certain explosive races depending on how high or low you are from them as I have tested with this race. And to your new point, the whole thread is about "possible exploding race damage rework", notice those words there. Pudge/infected are a great point for arguing for races that can block "exploding race damage" which is a part of the discussion. Can't just call points irrelevant when they specifically argue about the topic. But sure reiterate the reason why you wanted to target me, "because of flame predator". While I have grown accustomed to the race, I much prefer other races now. Fact is playing a race to 300 tends to bore a person, and there is a lot of races to try on the server.
  11. Trelvick

    possible exploding race damage rework

    And as I was stating (if you read all my examples) angel of light with 80% resistance does a fair amount block out damage. I rarely die to scrouge while directly beside them on explosion death. The only time it happens is when I am at around 10 or 20 hp. I also stated there are races designed around tanking massive damage by health alone (infected/pudge to name a couple) which they themselves are affected by a race with a high dps. (I do apologize if this was supposed to be humor) I never understand that logic, "make it line of sight". If it is a big explosion then naturally it should go through walls (and yes technically the walls should be destroyed). Yes dying to a stray explosion is upsetting, but war 3 has such a variety of races and in addition you can see who is playing what race, you usually can be prepared or cautious of a possible explosion. Also a lot of explosion races goes through walls but not floors or ceilings thus low gravity races have a huge advantage.
  12. Trelvick

    possible exploding race damage rework

    I'd disagree, there are many entangle races/bash races alone that can be used in avoiding range. Angel of Light stops a huge amount of explosive magic with only 80% immunity (stalkers/flamepred/ahmed explosions are very survivable). More to it, there are very few races (or less popular races) that don't have an ult explosion and as I suggested there are races that can tank strong explosion damage fairly well (infected, pudge, goliath to name a few).
  13. Trelvick

    possible exploding race damage rework

    Considering many of the suicide AOE's including the ones you mentioned are ultimates that can be countered quite easy by immune races, necklace of immunity, magic damage immunity, races that can simply tank the damage, races that can avoid the damage or stay away and so on. I don't see any reason to nerf explosions. It's the same logic that we should reduce all damage buffs to one as it is "unfun" to die to someone having extra damage than you. The whole point of the game is to find a counter for each race and every race needs a counter (or something that gives more advantage against it). Edit: Also while most of my points are the same as @Dakka the point still stands.
  14. Trelvick

    Trickster Assassin

  15. Trelvick

    New Maps 7/27/18