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  1. Happy birthday Jah!

  2. War3 Survey Results

    On the note of infected, it respawning should be fine. The big issue I found is the extra health (which could be dropped by 200, so a full clip from an ak to the head actually kills it), the number of infected per team (1 only pls), and the expertise (which I think is bugged to provide the armour but not the secondary extra armour effect). Honestly, anti-knife races feel fine. They could be tweaked a little for their overall effectiveness (if they are to be directly anti-knife they should be weaker in other areas) but races like night elf really don't need anything different. Honestly, it isn't that we think bad of your bug fixing skills. It is more that we want everything fixed. Better to have a wonderful running server yeh? It would entice more people to get supporter if there were extra things. I'd say just add a little of this and that every once in a while.
  3. Post what you're listening to right now.

    so yeaaaaaaa, can't stop listening to this. my weird taste to share with you.

    Happy Birthday Man, I hope it is stress free.
  5. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1253852347 3 in each of the open raffles so 3 in 50 level bank levels 3 in War 3 Supporter (6 months) 3 in $25 Game
  6. Delete: de_exodus_blue_v1

    I'm surprised we haven't considered a monthly cycle of a submitted or random map just to get different opinions and ideas instead of just keeping crappy maps on the server for as long as possible. Also +1
  7. 2 Infected per team?!

    Actually they can "break" the first stun/bash/ freeze effect by activating the ult. However after being hit again (even during the ult) the effect will continue (so it is kind of weak). Server has mixed vibes about it, I find it alright but you get like a 50/50 (in terms of people complaining) with one side saying it has too much health now (which is ridiculous) and the other saying the base speed is too high now being at 26% or something (which I can kiiiind of see) and when combined with the ult makes you run faster then most other races at max speed.
  8. My ZE event token wins

    So uhhh. I beat slender escape....on nightmare edition.....on GFL....several weeks ago.... Where is my prize?
  9. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    Did they actually fix the multiplayer issue?
  10. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    But none the wiser.
  11. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/268130/Heat_Signature/ Heat signature. One of those stupidly hard to grasp games (but simple once you get into it) created by the same guy who did the indie stealth game gunpoint. Basically top down shooter that involves sneaking aboard enemy ships to do all forms of assassinations, takeovers, and sabotage. Main objective, liberate the galaxy. It is one of those games I love hoping into every once in a while to either do a few missions or fly around and either fuck up a ship or get fucked up and thrown out an airlock. Definitely a GOTY candidate.
  12. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    So beerman's post was moved to the resolved area of the complaints thing without anyone answering it or it getting a "resolved" or "banned" or any kind of response. What happened there?
  13. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Well, that was the most anti-climatic complaint ever. rip thaco.
  14. War3 Stray Sunday

    Honestly, it would be fine for those with 25 + races maxed. But for those with less you are basically new players to level up a race with no experience or want towards it. Now if you got like 1000 exp when being forced to a race you didn't have levels in that would probably mitigate the issue.
  15. Toxic Server

    That is odd, I never hear anyone telling you to kill yourself when I'm on in fact most of it is just light hearted jokes (hell even vulcan jokingly types kys in chat at times).