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  1. Drive District 9 John Wick 1 & 2 Edge of Tomorrow 1922 Super 8
  2. DR3Y

    How has sG affected your life?

    I joined the sG servers when I was about 11 or 12 nearly 3 years ago. when I first started to get involved the community, many impressions of me were very negative and honestly it felt really overwhelming and effecting but I never realized how oblivious I was towards my toxic behavior and really I’m not happy with what I did. I never left the community despite this because i really had no one to talk to, I wasn’t really social at that time, never had much friends. As time went on things went better for me as people started to re-evaluate me and it helped my self esteem. From there my social behavior improved, mentality changed. At this point I’m comfortable with where I am today. sG feels like family and I’ll stay in the community as long as it lasts
  3. DR3Y

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Happy birthday
  4. DR3Y

    eeiu birthday :d

    Happy birthday
  5. DR3Y

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Rhythm is smooth
  6. DR3Y

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I'm down
  7. DR3Y

    Games to play?

    Far Cry 5, Wolfenstein TNO/TNC, Rainbow Six Siege If you're into retro (like) shooters play Dusk and/or Amid Evil
  8. DR3Y

    Post your favorite marvel movie.

    Logan There’s a good amount of drama and gritty moments throughout the movie