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  1. Shit is fucking crazy I just saw the video and im really shocked and horrified from seeing something thats incredibly graphic in all honesty Hopefully he gets caught soon
  2. So apparently the trailer ended up getting leaked today Not gonna lie this looks dope af, lemme know your thoughts
  3. Happy Birthday
  4. Happy birthday
  5. Thank you, DR3Y for your donation of 3.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  6. Captain Underpants IT Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers The Last Knight
  7. Welcome to the forums!, come by war3 sometime
  8. Name: Adrian Age: 13 Location: Lynwood, California Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82890810 GameMe: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1007331 Sourcebans: https://sb.joinsg.net/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:82890810&advType=steamid Microphone: Yes Favorite Server: Jailbreak Previous member of a clan?: Yes Questions or Comments: About me: My name is Adrian, i am in 8th grade and will be attending high school classes next school year. I Enjoy Gaming and Movies that relate to Action, Sci-Fi Horror or Drama At the moment i currently enjoy games like csgo, rust, overwatch, etc CSGO Hours: 1021 Refs: @Travesty @Yunki @Destin @Zip @Karma @York @Junzou @krony @Lindsay @TrinityCrush
  9. Happy birthday
  10. Need a team Dray#12870 http://sg.gameme.com/m/playerinfo/1007331
  11. Welcome back
  12. Happy Birthday
  13. Happy Birthday