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Grayson Levi

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  1. There's a beautiful admin command that can make the person respond to the report during the round, so your first sentence is wrong lmao.
  2. Put me in coach
  3. Class of 2019
  4. Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/m/playerinfo/1112233 Unranked cause of inactivity, was s1 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198294554182
  5. Happy birthday
  6. http://www.slayersgaming.com
  7. Conf Although I lowkey didn't like him at first, he's proved to be a persistent dude. Plays jb, doesn't break rules, overall a good dude. Never gives me any problems, I see no reason he doesn't deserve to get in. Also fucked it up at the brofest
  8. Hbd sweed
  9. Hbd mimic, old man
  10. Hbd reaper
  11. Spider applied as well.
  12. Man, the thing here is that everyone memes around and you can't take it seriously. Everybody is here to have fun and play games together, it's a casual gaming community. You don't have to be in the discord, especially if there are people there you have beef with. Just chill out a little and make sure you aren't missing the point of sG, it's not supposed to be super serious. The discord can prove that. Don't listen to chang either
  13. Thanks @Start for the game <3 only had to bully like three other kids before start caved enjoy the rep kiddo
  14. I usually listen to music or take a nap, every now and then I'll play some jb to destress. Sometimes that just makes it worse though
  15. You said I can tho