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  1. Grayson Levi

    :YeahBoi: - Battleship Tournament.

    I can probably do this
  2. Grayson Levi

    Learn from your guys' mistakes

    I'm glad to see you're still firefighting, man. And I'm sure your superiors have seen way worse mistakes! I'm in EMT class right now and the thought of driving the ambulance scares the shit out of me. Props for driving a bigass firetruck.
  3. Grayson Levi

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    Grats on making it to 18!!! wow lindsay great moves, keep it up, proud of you.
  4. Grayson Levi

    Stepping down as SO

    Thanks for your time, good luck at school!
  5. Grayson Levi

    Booch's Step Down Thread

    Good luck with school. I'm gonna be a senior this year, last year sucked.
  6. Grayson Levi

    The Chang Dynesty has fallen

    Hope you're doing better, dude. Thanks for stepping down for the greater good of the server.
  7. Grayson Levi

    Potentially Wanted Sg Member

    I died internally of cringe.
  8. Grayson Levi

    RobbiePlays Intro

    Welcome! Join jb sometime
  9. Grayson Levi

    Stepping Down

    Thanks for your work and time dedicated, you did a great job.
  10. Grayson Levi

    Populate Jailbreak Tomorrow

    I'll be there.
  11. Grayson Levi

    Anyone watching Big Brother this season?

    I'm down.
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