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  1. JB is being resurrected, gl on gmod now that Lindsay and krony are gone
  2. Welcome to the forums, come hit up JB sometime
  3. Tfw Trav makes you the Jaden Smith one
  4. I don't know about what you think, ironic, but if I could've not been trans I wouldn't have been. It's not a clear-cut choice like you're thinking, sure you can choose to accept yourself or pretend you're something you're not. There's a reason the suicide rate is so high for people in the trans community.
  5. Depends how big the risk is, though generally yes.
  6. Hbd kiddo
  7. Hbd
  8. Rip, I didn't think you'd actually get jped. *Insert giraffe gif*
  9. Ayy I got mentioned, good luck kiddo. Take some time to grow a little as a person and come back when you've made some progress.
  10. Hbd fontraine
  11. Happy birthday, old man
  12. Grats, attg's rising up there wewlad
  13. Wb?
  14. Happy birthday, Norwegian scrublord. @Don Juan