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  1. Grayson Levi

    Impromptu Movie Night!

    I'd be down if it was a different movie. and what happened to our westworld parties?
  2. Grayson Levi

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I'll be there
  3. Grayson Levi

    TDOV 2018

    Hey, guys! Today is the international Transgender Day of Visibility. I appreciate all the support sG has given me over the years I've been around, and I am very happy to be visible. I have a couple resources for y'all if you want to learn more about TDOV, and if anyone has any questions or comments you can message me on discord or steam. Here's an in-depth site with a lot of links to further information from the HRC: https://www.hrc.org/resources/international-transgender-day-of-visibility . And there's also a more simplified page from another organization: http://www.transstudent.org/tdov . Thanks
  4. Grayson Levi

    Need help digitizing recipes. Will pay $

    He did. I'm pleasantly surprised.
  5. Grayson Levi


    No problem my dude!
  6. Grayson Levi

    JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    Yeah, ref. 25/20