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Grayson Levi

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  1. Happy birthday, karma!
  2. Thank you for your work, you did a good job from what I saw. Sad to see ya go, best of luck.
  3. I got Josh then
  4. I want Christmas
  5. Good call to step down my dude, being overwhelmed in a position isn't good for anyone. Hope ya get your RO back and schedule a brofest. Sad to see your dark purple go
  6. I'd do it but I'm broke
  7. If any regulars or members who don't have access need help with something on war3, I can help if I'm home. Message me on steam or discord if you need an so and none of the war3 ones or paidmins can get on. I don't really know the commands but I'll try if I'm not on jb.
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198294554182 ready to lose badly again for the laughs
  9. Welcome to the forums
  10. Grats karma, trucka, and Destin! Looking forward to working with trucka
  11. Ayy welcome dude! I remember ya from vanilla
  12. Ref, played with him in the csgo tournament. He'd be a good member.
  13. yo

  14. Happy birthday