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  1. TheWaffler is back

    Hello everybody. Just wanted to say that I’ll be returning to the sG servers pretty soon. It’s been about a year since I left and I’ve really been missing the community recently. I also would like to apologize for my cancerous behavior before I return. I know that this behavior was a factor in my multiple applications getting rejected. I’ve really moved on and would like to try and become a part of this community by earning your respect. I look forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks
  2. Instruments?

    So I was just curious if anybody here plays an instrument (or more than one). If so, how long have you played it? I've been playing clarinet for a little less than a year now and I've found it really fun.
  3. Taking a break

    Thanks for going through the effort of fixing the shit he downrepped.
  4. Thank you to the Few

    Cya, dude. It was fun to see you on the GMod servers! Hope you come and play some time again!
  5. RIP Steam Exploit ??? - 2/7/17

    So anyone was able to do this? Also, how would they access your the account without you being alerted by email (Like every time you log in from another PC)? Sorry about the probably stupid questions, I'm just wondering.
  6. Post a picture of yourself

    Devour that Big Mac.