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  1. Who do you think will go to the Super Bowl?

    Steelers will win
  2. Hello everyone, Warden Frostwater/Flamewater here

    Hey man welcome
  3. Hi, i'm an Addict to your KZ Server

    Welcome to the forums! You are pretty good at that kz man.
  4. Introduction To sG

    Hello. Welcome to the fourms.
  5. Hello

    I am somewhat new to sG servers I guess, I am new to the forums though. I play mainly Jailbreak and very rarely ze. I will probably be more active on the forums, so I will see you guys there, and on Jailbreak if you play that. I am in high school, it is pretty cool. I like golf, I know it is kind of weird but I do. Other than golf I really suck at sports. That's pretty much it... I will see some of you on the servers, bye.