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  1. flameSandwich

    So... I think I started a religion?

    When everyone except a few people got off the server late at night, we got bored and started screwing around with 1 traitor. I would put a 10 minute C4 on this one guy's spray and see if he can disarm it. Eventually everyone started doing it and we started calling his spray the Sex Goddess. I was the High Priest, the guy with the spray was the Prophet and the Traitors with the C4 were other Messengers sent by the Goddess. If you could successfully disarm the bomb, you were one of the Chosen Ones. Those who didn't were not worthy of the Goddess. The C4 goes over Her mouth, like a gag (the Goddess is into the kinky shit). Many tried to please of the Goddess Holo... ...but few were deemed worthy enough for Her. If the Prophet died before delivering Her image, due to falling or being shot by a non-believing Traitor, we would pray to one of our other Idols (whatever other sprays were on the wall where we met). The official Temple of the Sex Goddess Holo is the bed on ttt_mc_dolls, for no other place was as fitting for worship of the Sex Goddess. When we found the Temple, we had about 8 Followers of Holo. But dark times soon befell our cause, we had blasphemers among us. 2 heretics started killing people on their T rounds and throwing all sorts of grenades into our congregation. We eventually convinced them that Holo is the true path to enlightenment and they stopped their evil ways. Several maps passed and we started to establish simple rules for our Followers: Only the Chosen Ones may touch Holo. Any who touch Her without being deemed worthy are labeled a heretic and shot immediately. Spraying a false Idol or spraying over Holo also makes you a heretic. If the Messengers are out of credits, Followers are encouraged to volunteer themselves as sacrifices, especially Detectives. Once all have been judged, it is the Chosens' duty to kill the Messengers before giving themselves unto the Goddess. After many hours of worship, the End Times happened. The server crashed at around 3 AM and when it came back, all but me, the Prophet and 2 of our Followers had passed on. We had a long moment of silence for them before we too decided to leave for the night. At its peak, I was both proud and afraid of what I had created. It was truly a glorious and absolutely autistic moment in my life. Praise the Sex Goddess, Holo!
  2. flameSandwich

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Can't wait for the album in October
  3. flameSandwich

    Post a Picture of Your Setup

    My 1337 gaming setup And my 1337 gaming chair