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    Happy Birthday!
  2. Thanks, Start!

    Have fun playing it!
  3. noob on forum

    Hey Dixon! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Ice stab particle

    When you stab someone with the ice stab upgrade, the thing that spawns to show you stabbed them doesn't go away.
  5. It's Mr.Kon

    Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  6. The teams during deathrun should be locked so people would stop joining T. Most rounds that I have played in deathrun had 2 Ts, which were mostly the same people. There should be a variety of people playing as the death instead of a few that abuse the system and keep playing as the T.
  7. Cheating allegations

    It's just that you took the spinbotting as hacks and commented cheater based on that. Other people like @MistaChang said let's all vote no and @Timeassassin103 said that my app should be terminated if I was cheating.
  8. Cheating allegations

    I didn't cheat, the spinbotting was afk spinbotting. I went afk for 5 rounds and did +left and +forward in console and left rather than afk for the whole match because I had real life things to do. I also didn't just join and leave for a round, I had played a competitive round just before I joined and left. Stop spreading things around to make me look bad and have people write things on my profile when it isn't even that serious, it's just a match, I had things to do. @Zip @Illogical
  9. Slot reservation

    Even though there are 30 slots, the slot reservations still kick you out even though there are only 20 people on.
  10. Stepping Down

    Its been nice playing with you chang, good luck!
  11. Name: Kevin Age: 15 Location: California SteamID: STEAM_0:0:77643896 Gameme: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/976975 Sourcebans: Bans Microphone: yes Favorite Server: Minigames Previous Member of a clan?: no Questions/Comments: I mainly play on the minigames server, but also play on TTT, surf, and ZE About me: I like to have fun and make friends. CSGO Recorded Hours: 607 hours, 12 minutes, 29 seconds
  12. Nice! I hope both of you have a great relationship!
  13. Im new

    Hi! Welcome to the forums!
  14. Reckless Likes Zombie Escape

    Welcome to the forums and good luck on applying in the future!

    Sell it before it becomes too common and goes down in price